Do you bring gifts, flowers, or cards to a visitation? It also shows that you respected the person who died. This means that if the visitation is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m., you can arrive at any time between 2 and 4:45. Although people gather together to sing hymns before the body is cremated, there may not be any specific event where families receive visitors. You often have a visitation, viewing, or wake that enables the family and close friends to have some closure and pay their last respects. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish, and check out our cookie policy for more information. After all, death is a difficult topic for many people, and seeing a dead body may put you out of your comfort zone. In funeral services, a viewing (sometimes referred to as calling hours, reviewal, funeral visitation in the United States and Canada) is the time that the family and friends come to see the deceased after they have been prepared by a funeral home. Visitations can be in any number of places, with the most common being a funeral home or church. We provide our members with critical information, innovative tools, resources and the professional community they need to serve families, run sustainable businesses and become pillars in their communities. Some people attend the visitation of a person they didn’t know because they would like to support a friend who lost a parent or spouse. A visitation is defined as “a gathering with the family of a deceased person before the funeral.” Sometimes, the deceased’s body is present at the gathering to allow visitors to see the deceased one more time. Sometimes the body of the deceased is displayed in an open casket. It seems as if it is traditional for a dying Muslim to receive an abundance of visitors while on the death bed. Etiquette for Attending the Funeral of an Ex, Thoughtful Sentiments to Say to the Family at a Funeral, Words of Condolence to Express Your Sympathy. Read this article for more information regarding Muslim funerals. There may be an open-casket wake before the cremation of a Hindu. The length of your stay at the visitation or funeral/graveside service or reception is a matter of discretion. Those gathered around read the writing of one of the Sikh gurus. After all, if you have little experience going to end-of-life services, you probably don’t know appropriate funeral etiquette. If the visitation has a lot of attendees, there may be a long line of people waiting to talk with the deceased’s family members and view the body. If you don’t know the family well, but you still want to pay respects to the deceased, you may consider going to the funeral. Typically, Christian visitations are held at a funeral home. Remember that this is generally a solemn event, unless the family requests otherwise. Honor this request and don't take it personally if you are not invited. You are not expected to stay for the entire length of time, but you may find yourself doing so if you know many of the attendees. . They share pleasant memories of the deceased with his or her family. Avoid the urge to go on and on about your feelings. However, if it is at any other location, the casket probably won't be there. This is the time when you need to employ all speech filters. This is crass and can cause undue stress on the family of the deceased. However, you may stay longer if needed to support the grieving family. Sometimes the body is available for viewing. In some cases friends and family members may simply want you to be a good listener to their expressions of grief or memories of the deceased. Don't expect anyone to open it on the spot. FTC FUNERAL RULE AND YOUR RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER, Funeral Ceremonies: Creative Ceremonies Can Help Celebrate Your Loved One, Green Burial: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Life After Death, Grief Support For Children – Help Your Children Deal With Their Loss, Grief: Coping with reminders after a loss, How Can Software Help You Organise a Better Funeral Fundraising Event, How Grieving Spouses Can Benefit From Support Groups, Understanding the Different Types of Pet Health Insurance. Funeral etiquette may vary a bit from place to place, but most of the time a visitation is a quiet, subdued event. This visitation may occur before the body is cremated, or it may happen after the cremation takes place. People “visit” at visitations. Visitation protocol varies among cultural, geographic, and religious groups, but there are some common elements that happen at a visitation. Those gathered around read the writing of one of the Sikh gurus. You may plan to stand in line for more than an hour if you know that there will be many people at the visitation. This a time to reflect on the deceased person's life and pay respects to the family. Eulogy - Giving the Eulogy That Suits Your Needs Giving the eulogy can be very tough.

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