Equipped With Safety Devices Our safety accessories are designed and tested to work together with our openers and operators, providing the highest level of safety. :$Á"´”��;te�-!æÄ®[à1ø. Updated UL 325 Safety Standards Affecting the Automatic Gate Industry . UL 325 requirements will apply to all new construction of gates and existing gates that could be motorized. UL 325 states that if the operator is for a vehicular gate, pedestrians must use a separate entrance. Class I and Class II operators must have an audio alarm which shall … Do the new UL 325 requirements apply to both new and existing gates? *pÊŠ•ÉJ\ Automated door and gate operators and systems are common across the US and Canada. So should the safety of these products be the same as well? 991 - Tests for Safety-Related Controls Employing Solid-State Devices. Notable provisions included in UL 325 that affect gate operators and related safety devices. The standard to which vehicular gate operators are manufactured and tested to is U.L 325 - Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Standard for Safety: Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems. UL 325 Guidlines You should never install, or have installed on your property, a vehicular gate operator that does not carry the "MARK" of an NRTL such as ETL or UL. You should also be aware that NRTL's do not "approve" or "certify" products that they test. Any gate operating equipment manufactured after August 1, 2018 must meet new safety requirements. All of our garage door openers, commercial door operators and gate operators comply with the industry’s highest safety requirements, including the UL 325 standard. Per UL 325 (Underwriters Laboratories), when a gate operator is controlled by an instantaneous push button (meaning that a single push of the button starts or stops the gate operator), there is a requirement that at least two independent safety devices be part of the operating equipment and they must work in both directions of travel (opening and closing). In this Technical Data Sheet, we will provide you with some background information about UL, UL standards, and the requirements in UL 325 that apply to vehicular gate operators. UL 325 Gate Safety Requirements. At Nice | HySecurity, the safety of the installer community and end-users is a top priority. Vehicular gates may be swinging or sliding type. The UL 325 Safety Standard requires at least two entrapment protection devices for each potential area of entrapment in... Entrapment protection devices are installed in areas where an entrapment hazard exist. UL 325 standard for safety Gate operators are investigated in accordance with requirements in UL 325, which covers gates that are intended to control vehicular entrance and/or egress. Recently, the safety requirements covering these products for use in both countries have been combined and published in one binational Standard – CAN/UL 325. All of our garage door openers, commercial door operators and gate operators comply with the industry’s highest safety requirements, including the UL 325 standard. 5ÃÈɵkòÒôëÜ[yÇJÊqòü[g0mèÓo”lÒ®‹ÂdŠ�N‹I©â>j÷6Ë�"EfÉÑï”ğŞxÖ!“Ñ”P˜‚”(ô3�ßp÷ä™êZ±›A:^ü®Ği 1TùÅâÍŠéÆ2Fö!J—'¨S¬İ7yÔà̼öÅÀŒº‡��׺6±öuyòĞ“ *�naµDØ(¸¸%4Êğ—²"‡ÉY4½‚vw¶¼Ù†Á�Ñ4¼xÏEõÓ,Üz Posted on December 7, 2018. Installations, applications, users and the products themselves are often similar. (1) UL 325, Standard for Safety: Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems, SUPPLEMENT SA—(Normative)—UL 60335-1/CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. As mentioned above, UL 325 separates gate operators into “classes”. UL325-2018 New Requirements for Gate Operators. (December 8, 2018) by Ricky Serdoz. The UL 325 7th Edition safety standards, effective August 1, 2018, dictate that monitoring of existing entrapment protection sensors (e.g. UL 325 is a standard for safety that addresses the automatic operation of garage doors, vehicular gates, louvers, and windows. Built To UL 325 Standards. UL 325 includes specific requirements for vehicular gate operators based on their intended usage, as defined by one of the following four classifications: An ever increasing number of commercial and residential facilities are installing motorized gates and barriers to enhance physical security. Manufacturers that use this terminology are incorrect in … In addition to For purposes of the standard, there are four classes of gate operators as follows: Class I – Residential Vehicular Gate Operator – A vehicular gate operator (or system) intended for use in garages or parking areas associated with a residence of one to four single families. at the leading edge, the trailing edge, and also postmounted both inside and outside of, a vehicular horizontal slide gate; Photo Eyes, Edge Sensors) is required for all automated gate operators manufactured after January 11, 2016. In a nutshell: Slide Gates Operators Must have monitored entrapment protection on both open and close cycles. 60335-1 Based Requirements for the Evaluation of Electronic Circuits, Seventh Edition, May 19, 2017, into §§ 1211.4 and 1211.5. Automated slide gates require a minimum of two external entrapment protection sensors — one in each direction of travel. In addition to the 325 standard, vehicular gate operators must also be tested to U.L.

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