It covers Interjection Examples with their meanings in an explanatory way. Note: Most of the Interjections are followed by exclamation sign (!). havers! spells!, etc. This type of interjection is used in the sentence to indicate the emotion of … heads up! Also Read: What is an Interjection, Types of Interjection with Examples This post is all about Interjection Examples and Meanings with Explanation. Interjections for Greeting. rats! horsefeathers! fiddlesticks! This section includes interjections such as: balls! For example, How awful it is! It is done well! A few groups of words of an interjectional character like, whether followed by the exclamation mark or not Interjections, but rather elliptical sentences. What a mess it is! Interjection Phrases: Some phrases are used interjectionally, for example, good heavens, good gracious. Interjections are widely applied in Javanese dialect and they characterize particular functions, especially in spoken communication. A number of interjections, primarily interjections that have originated through simple and compound nouns, have clear markers for the category of number, namely the plural morpheme {-s}.

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