Try switching proteins. These grains and starches create an inflammatory response in the cat’s body over time, and are cheap fillers that commercial pet food companies use in place of quality meat. Left untreated, some cats can develop chronic pancreatitis which can lead to diabetes and pancreatic deficiency. The vet at the time prescribed an antibiotic and anti-nausea medication. Abdominal pain is uncommon in cats, but may present at a certain level. Do you have a story to share? Help. I was told to dilute the food with a little warm water. Moreover, in severe conditions, the cat may exhibit ataxia (Difficulty in movement) and apparent weight loss & even death, if not treated and cared for properly. Recognize possible causes. Due to the nature of the disease, supportive care via fluid therapy is very common, along with pain medications. While many cases of feline pancreatitis are chronic, making dietary changes and using homeopathic remedies or supplements designed to support the pancreas, especially during flare ups, are great ways promote healing and prevention. Common secondary problems include issues with the gallbladder, liver, and intestines, due to the close proximity of these organs to the pancreas. This may include abdominal pain, lethargy, loss of appetite, and vomiting. They may suggest a specific diet or supplement that has been shown to support pancreatic health in cats or to keep your cat at an ideal body weight. It can be difficult to diagnose a mild form of pancreatitis in a cat. She had been vomiting several times every day for a few weeks. Again I thank you. With gratitude, we say "thank you!". X-rays and ultrasound may also be recommended by your veterinarian. Abdominal ultrasonography shows changes in size, condition and fluid accumulation around the pancreas, which can be helpful in diagnosing pancreatitis. You can sign up here if you’d like to follow our blog. Diabetes mellitus. Cats typically experience acute pancreatitis and this inflammation causes problems with the regular functions of the pancreas. This leads to the pancreas itself being digested, instead of the food in the small intestines, and causes inflammation as well as the other symptoms. 1 month later here at home I am still force feeding him. Typically cooked turkey is fine if he will eat it. By submitting this form, you are granting Purrrfectly Holistic permission to email you. I think a quiet episode without vomiting was all of a week. A great quality, moderately priced cat food brand you could consider is Dave’s Pet Food. I gave him 1/2 capsule of panc force . According to pancreatitis is the most common inflammatory diseases of the pancreas that cats get, and the most common causes are due to: Cats affected with pancreatitis, may appear as dehydrated, tired and restless. But I also want to give him the best shot I can at getting well again. The increase of pancreatitis in cats may be due to the modern cat diet as well as genetic predisposition. Some cats that experience an acute pancreatitis will also have regular flare-ups of pancreatitis, which is then referred to as chronic pancreatitis. Be sure you find and address the cause of his pancreatitis–usually because he’s eating something that doesn’t agree with him or is biologically inappropriate that his body can’t digest. Once this is determined we can find out exactly what tools his body needs to heal itself. This condition can affect people, dogs, and even cats and is not only painful, but can be life threatening. If your cat has a chronic pancreatitis, it may experience flare-ups of symptoms that may be bad enough to require veterinary intervention. Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, feels the biggest culprit that leads to disease in cats is improper diet. Please help me spread the word about holistic health for cats by sharing this post on your favorite social media channel. I have also had great success working with clients if you’d be interested in doing a consultation (Optimal Cat Health Analysis). that the pancreas produces are activated prematurely. And this cycle can go on for days or even weeks at a time. We’ll review options for treating pancreatitis in cats naturally through diet and provide recommendations for choosing a cat pancreatitis diet. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. Not into all the meds. Cats may exhibit irregular signs and some may also associated with other diseases. If your cat has been on medications for long periods of time it may also be beneficial to detox the liver with a milk thistle supplement. In the cheapest of foods (found in grocery stores) the first several ingredients on the label are grains and starches, not meat. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. We dont want him to suffer or be in pain. This is not something you need to worry about another pet or yourself contracting. For all the cat parents who have a cat dealing with this awful disease I hope this gives you hope and some new options to try rather than staying stuck in the same repetitive cycle you find yourselves in now. I’ve also added a high quality digestive enzyme to all his meals. These flare-ups may also need at-home, symptomatic care, such as managing vomiting, syringing fluids, and administering oral medications. Laboratory procedures are therefore necessary. If you’re not convinced, read the labels of the cat food products in your pantry or in the stores you shop in. It is a thin, long, organ that is pinkish in color. We were sent home with an herbal remedy specifically used for pancreatic flukes, and within two days he was his normal self again. I need someone who can help me, please. I really hope westart seeing an improvement real soon. This list includes products like corn, wheat, soy, rice, potatoes, tapioca, legumes, and quinoa. Most cat food uses feed grade ingredients that are toxic, lack nutrition and are not biologically appropriate for cats to eat.

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