Another delicacy so famous I don’t need to belabour the point. And somehow completely delicious. die Frau sagt: heute habe ich viel Appetit, ich bin sehr hungrig. But somehow it manages to be creamy, tangy and light, with a lot more flavour than any potato salad I’ve encountered elsewhere. I am also a fitness instructor & personal trainer. I'm Constanze and I live in the UK. But in my opinion the potato version is far superior to the others. Let me know – in German, if you can! Die Brezel (or ‘Brezn’ in Bavarian dialect!) Guten Tag! This is such a popular snack in Germany that there was even a recent crime comedy filmed called Leberkäsjunkie. Like apple strudel, schnitzel apparently originated in Austria, which is right on the border with southern Germany and it seems the regions share several culinary masterpieces. To be 100% honest, I am not a fan of bread dumplings. Hofer's of Helen: Traditional bavarian breakfast! And yes, I did eat this particular pastry with a litre of beer in Munich’s English Garden beer garden. They have a delightful squidge. The shredded pancakes are fluffier and cake-ier than any other pancakes I’ve encountered. This morning I was treated to a lovely Bavarian Breakfast (by my wonderful German friends, Michael & Thomas) which consisted of bretzel bread (the pretzels in the states have NOTHING on these), sweet mustard, white sausages, and of course…a Hefeweizen (yes, a beer)! Locals will tell you that the pretzels in other parts of Germany just don’t taste the same. The cake in the picture was at the super cute Cafe Arzmiller, right by the buttercup-yellow Theatine Church in Munich. To eat it, you must first cut it down the middle, then remove its skin. Apple Strudel. The duck in the photo was at Tattenbach in Munich, which is a totally delightful traditional restaurant that’s slightly off the tourist trail. There are bakeries on every corner here, their windows and counters piled high with mountains of pastries, breads and especially pretzels. There are too many elegant cakes available in German bakeries and cafes to name just one. I’d love to hear from you! I honestly never had a bad one, but if you’re in Munich, the pastry pictured above came from Café Kreutzkamm. Instead, the name for this traditional breakfast is das Wei ß wurst Fr ü hst ü ck – the ‘white sausage breakfast’. Bread dumplings are usually served with mushroom or goulash-style soup or stew, or as a side to some form of meat. Another classic meat and carbs combo. But it would be wrong not to pay tribute to the grand Bavarian tradition of fine layer cakes, some of them laced with alcohol, marzipan or both. What Will Christmas Look Like In Germany This Year? You can contact me here. This baked apple pastry is usually topped with icing sugar and served with custard or ice cream. You’ll usually see spätzle as a main course, but you can also get it at a side or as the carb accompaniment to meat dishes (this is Germany, everything comes with multiple types of carbs). Not that Bavarians need a nutritional reason to drink beer before noon – it’s just part of their culture, and even has a name: Frühschoppen. Keep writing in German, even if it’s not perfect. On the one hand, Germany is the place to visit for hunks of meat the size of your head, paired with many variations of potatoes and washed down with exuberantly gigantic jugs of beer. To eat it, you must first cut it down the middle, then remove its skin. Zum Frühstück bevorzuge ich einfach Brot und Käse. I know this doesn’t *sound* as if it would be as tasty. I’m not sure if you can tell how truly massive this pork knuckle was from the photo. What do you like to eat for Frühstück? Unfortunately, in the USA true Weißwurst is impossible to find. @Maynard Spitzack Es freut mich, dass es Dir gefallen hat! You can buy them plain or slathered with butter or cream cheese and chives. However, it’s not actually called that in German. It usually comes with a side of sweet red cabbage. I’d never seen this Bavarian variation on lemon meringue before, but it’s all the rage in Munich. So ausgezeichnet! It sounds weird but eaten with a salty pretzel and chased with beer it’s delicious. This method is called, Mein, dein, sein, ihr, etc. Not a joke. One would think there might be a rule about drinking before noon… but that is completely normal! ( Log Out /  Ich lerne deutsch jetzt . Your Traditional Bavarian Breakfast stock images are ready. It’s a total feast: succulent duck leg with crispy salty skin, served with chewy potato dumplings or potentially spatzl noodles. When in Germany, it’s essential that you stop off at an elegant bakery for coffee and a pastry. Thank goodness, we made it at 10:30am. Traditional Bavarian Breakfast. In my opinion, you’ll find the best potato salad in the world in southern Germany. . You can watch the doughnuts being made fresh to order in the traditional way, and sit down to eat them with a frothy cappuccino. Yes, believe it or not, beer is an integral part of the traditional Bavarian breakfast! Have you ever tried it, and if so, what did you think? Does the Weißwurst Frühstück appeal to you? Everything was very tasty. Because obviously. The plot apparently revolves around a man who is banned from leberkäse due to high cholesterol and embarks on a nighttime quest to procure some. To be fair, it’s not a combo locals would literally grab for a weekday breakfast before work, but it is a genuinely popular weekend brunch meal. Yes, you read that right, one of Bavaria’s most quintessential dishes is a salad made of sausage. Thank you! The Weißwurst is served in connected pairs. Literally ‘white sausage’, this is a sausage made from minced veal and pork bacon, seasoned with parsley, ginger, onions, lemon and cardamom. There’s a lot of egg whipping and folding involved in the recipe, making every bite light and chewy, with an almost custardy quality. I'm half English and half German, and have been writing about German language and culture on this blog since 2014. The texture of this sausage is much different from almost has a “fluffy” taste to it. A schmalznudel is a traditional German fried doughnut. Traditionally, they’re eaten before noon, because in the olden days it was important to eat them fresh. That said, they’re a very famous German dish and it’s worth trying them when you’re in the area. You can order wurstsalat as a main dish or a side in most traditional Bavarian restaurants and beer gardens. Who knows what she’s saying at the bottom? ( Log Out /  We’ve been fascinated with the topic recently here at FoodForNet and have been digging into the different breakfast choices. Then we bought a piece of liverwurst (a must for any breakfast with German children and a special treat for those of us who were once German children (or, you know, Italian-American children growing up in Germany)) and Schlackwurst, a kind of German salami. bayerisches Fruhstuck ist wirklich verschieden als italienisches: cappuccino e cornetto! Simple, satisfying, and absolutely ubiquitous in Bavaria — you’ll see it everywhere. Another very famous destination for a traditional Bavarian breakfast is the nearby Weisses Brauhaus. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Can be served as a main course, or as a side with a meat dish (are you seeing a carb-based pattern here?). For more language learning advice, free resources, and information about how we can help you reach your language goals, select the most relevant newsletter(s) for you and sign up below. It’s simple, a little salty, a little oily and not as sweet as I expected it to be. It’s certainly big enough to soak up a fair amount of booze.

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