Donburiya does this, and they excel at their craft. my buddy and I split some appetizer off the specials menu which consisted of pork, vegetables and glass noodles, it was just ok. Wouldn't get it again. I usually get the Agedashi Tofu (I love agedashi tofu, and they don't screw it up here!!) The dip was really delicious and it totally captured the essence and flavor of the cod roe. Best Tempura in City of London: See 8,713 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Tempura in City of London. So I was a bit upset I didn't try something new.For dessert, we got the Green Tea Crepe Cake. This is excellent, authentic Japanese comfort food. This place caters to mostly expats and Japanese businessmen. Save up to 50% at London restaurants when you book on Tripadvisor, “Good food, quick service, ideal for lunch”, “Dinner with friends - Brendan the waiter...”, “Lovely ambience and nicely decorated...”, “Lovely restaurant and food, slightly...”, “Nestled In The Ned. but thanks to Brain for dinner! So the very fact that Donburiya has almost everything I have the occasional craving for makes me slightly biased. We had the crab croquettes (lovely flavour and quite crispy, but the ultimate here are the potato croquettes - they are a must! And fast? I eat here whenever in the area and have a craving for Japanese food. I found Donburiya and wasn't disappointed. All very tasty and filling. it was $11. I eat here whenever in the area and have a craving for Japanese food. I will be back many times over! go to st. marks for that. I also ended up ordering their Hokkai-Don ($14.50). I ended up ordering their Gobo Chip ($6.75) which was fried burdock chips with a cod roe dip. Service, perhaps not surprisingly, is always polite and efficient as well. Best Tempura in Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture: Find 25,040 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Tempura and search by price, location, and more. Seems like most of their diners were Japanese so that was a huge plus in my book because their food is close to home. what I dont get is why all the recent reviews are 4 or 5 stars. And I'm glad for that. They serve good old Japanese comfort food  ramen, udon, katsu donburi, curry rice, tonkatsu, tempura, etc. Most of the patrons are Japanese and speak little English. Filter and search through restaurants with gift card offerings. I usually get the hamburger and/or veg tempura. I got something called Sankandon (sp), which was two pieces of shrimp tempura, tempura lotus, and pieces of pork katsu and a sloppy egg (was undercooked) over rice (it was $11.50). Had a great lunch here! Excellent little restaurant in midtown. If you like Japanese comfort food this is the place to go, no frills, good food and good value. This is one of the few places (in the world) where I am happy to come in and eat by myself. Businessmen weary from a day of sales meetings and company dinners settle down for some sake at the bar, chatting (flirting) with the waitresses who pour their drinks (yes, this happens all the time at Donburiya, hahaha...who says it's boring to eat alone at the bar? Looking to expand your search outside of London? Enjoy! Lunch is excellent. I do like how they keep sake bottles with labels on them for the regulars as that is a japanese bar tradition. This place reminds me of a Los Angeles Little Tokyo Café I use to eat at. Submit corrections. That means it's in a tempura style breading then fried. How awesome is that?Proability of return within 1 year: 100%. And that it's always filled with a native Japanese clientele?When I moved to NYC myself, the prospect that excited me most was the chance to try to keep up with the constantly evolving dining scene here, from the most haute palaces to the dirtiest holes-in-the-wall. The katsu sauce that came on top of the pork was delicious, and went well with the rice. Fun, lively atmosphere, tl;drRice bowls galore!! The batter on their chips though was a bit harder then the usual tempura but still good none-the-less. This place reminds me of a Los Angeles Little Tokyo Café I use to eat at. They were both very good- better than my original dish actually. Brilliantly authentic Japanese restaurant with great food and relaxing atmosphere. You can't go wrong with the yakiniku-don, a swirl of marinated beef and onions that mercifully does not overwhelm with sweetness, or the crisply fried tempura-don. This was one of my favorite lunch spots when I worked in Midtown (as such, I've never been for dinner). This place stays open late - great place for a bite after a show. However, if you're going to eat and want a nightcap before you head home, it's quite convenient.Overall, a good choice for late night medium priced (~$10) fare. There are only a couple choices of beer on tap, and they were a bit pricey. ($11.50)What I really enjoyed though was the dessert that everyone recommended, the green tea crepe, we ordered it with green tea ice cream. There are rice and noodle dishes, good tempura and sashimi and Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo on tap by the pitcher. I love udon, so of course I wanted to try it.It was around dinner time, so the restaurant was very packed. The donburi, or rice bowls, that make the restaurant so aptronymously named remain as generous as ever (though the ancillary bites have been pared down to a bowl of miso soup and a few pieces of enjoyable tsukemono).Indeed, I've never had a bad donburi here: the rice is always impeccable, the toppings always as fresh as you could ask for. We have suggestions. As such, you can expect:1) A lot of beer, sake, and associated specials (Japanese businessmen (salari-man) love to drink)2) A lot of salari-man gathered after-hours, engaged in drunken conversations over a myriad of Japanese bar-tapa dishes3) Huge portionsAfter 10 PM here, Donburiya is basically a microcosm of the izakayas of Tokyo, but with more rice, somewhat less drinking, and way less smoke. As evinced by my profligate Yelping, I continue to explore voraciously. They serve Japanese comfort food and they offer a slew of choices from their menu. Now nothing was spectacular, but the type of food and how it was prepared is pure japanese soul food. This is not the type of place you go for a business dinner. All of us took a while to decide since everything looked interesting and really good. Brain got the sukidon which is slice beef (think steak-ums), and an egg (which to his disappointment, wasn't runny) over rice. I've never been here past midnight but most of the time when I come around 10 and 11 the place is popping. Savory, rich miso, crunchy yet not greasy tempura, great salmon with crispy skin, even the rice was great. Continue your visit to It's not American parsley, Chinese cilantro (same as the kind you chop and put into salsa), but they actually use Japanese "mitsuba" (…). Many authentic Japanese restaurants have popped up in the area. The salmon steak and tempura is cheap and very tasty. But what do you expect from a giant bowl of rice with tons of meat heaped on it? Not the best seat in the house, but I wanted to see how their food was.I ordered the Shrimp Tempura Udon (I was sticking to something I was familiar with), but I should have tried something else.My cousins ordered two different dishes, and I sampled them. Please find the below link for the news, Thousands of City. Our party of five collectively got draft beer, fried chicken, french fries, Ishiyaki Mabo-Tofu, and Tan-Tan Men. Map updates are paused. You can get the same at Oh Taisho for $7 or $8. If only I wasn't both living and working on the west side, haha. This place caters to mostly expats and Japanese businessmen. It was so delicious! I think the fact that almost everyone eating at the restaurant the night I went was Japanese speaks to that fact as well. The ice cream was not good compared to the crepe cake- so we didn't even bother to eat the ice cream on the side.All in all, it was an ok experience. Never knew this place existed and I was delightfully surprised by its many tasty "interesting" dishes.First and foremost I've only had Cod Sperm twice and I've cringed at both eatins, but its actually not terms of taste. For the main courses, wandering off the donburi path can be a bit treacherous, but never punishingly so. ), tempura udon noodles and katsu don. I especially enjoyed the Hokke fish and the Shrimp Tempura don...leaving enough room for dessert. )They dim the lights around 10:30-11 PM and light candles, giving the whole place a 1970's-Tokyo Harbor-bar-esque feeling. Ahh it's so excellent that I usually leave one piece of the katsu till the very end after everything else is done :)There's great attention to detail, down to the right kind of cilantro that garnish the oyako don. Donburi & Co Spitalfields CEO Joe Cho had an interview with ITV news. Good sign #1: Everyone in the dining room was Asian.Good sign #2: Some staff was eating in the dining room as well, pretty usual.Good sign #3: Hostess greeted me in Japanese and didn't seem to speak much English, possibly by choice. I've NEVER had a disappointing piece of katsu here - every time it's perfectly fried with just the right amount of fattiness in the meat.

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