So the existence of the apostles dates here only from the gifts that followed the exaltation of Jesus. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers: apostles and prophets laying, or rather being laid, as the foundations of the heavenly building, and acting as coming directly from the Lord in an extraordinary manner; the two other classes (the last being sub-divided into two gifts, connected in their nature) belonging to ordinary ministry in all ages. It is perfect subjectively and objectively. THEIR UNITY IN CHRIST. Adam had nothing of this. By the fall the knowledge of good and evil entered into man. There are three things in this exhortation: first, to walk worthy of their calling; second, the spirit in which they were to do so; third, diligence in maintaining the unity of the Spirit by the bond of peace. I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, These solemn truths enter also as principles into these exhortations. Three things here characterise Him-a man ascended on high-a man who has led captive him who held man in captivity-a man who has received for men, delivered from that enemy, the gifts of God, which bear witness to this exaltation of man in Christ, and serve as a means for the deliverance of others. "Truth," the expression of simplicity and integrity of heart, is in connection with "the truth as it is in Jesus," whose life is transparent as the light, as falsehood is in connection with deceitful lusts. I need not say how truly we find here the picture of the life of Christ, as in the preceding remarks it was the putting off of the spirit of the enemy and of the old man. Be imitators of God: beautiful and magnificent privilege! But, on the other hand, the fact that Christ was exalted to be in heaven the Head over all things, brought in a difference which appertained to this supremacy of Christ-a supremacy exercised with divine sovereignty and wisdom. It is not an amelioration of the old man; it is a putting it off, and a putting on of Christ. There is also one Lord. This is the second essential name of God and as partakers of the divine nature we are light in the Lord. It is our evil nature which is not so, or at least which refuses to be dependent on Him. We are called on, then, as His dear children to imitate God. Neither is God the measure of all things, for He is above all things; and nothing else can be so above them, or He would not be so. The Spirit of God, the lordship of Christ, the universal ubiquity of God, even the Father, all tend to bring into unity those connected with each as a divine centre. [1] To recapitulate, there is, first, one body and one Spirit, one hope of our calling; second, one Lord, with whom are connected one faith and one baptism; third, one God and Father of all, who is above all things, everywhere, and in all Christians. We may remark, that the three spheres of unity presented in these three verses have not the same extent. With regard to the third character of unity, it relates to claims that extend to all things, although to the believer it is a closer bond, because He who has a right over all things dwells in believers. All Rights Reserved. Blog 042. [1] Observe here, that it is not only a unity of sentiment, of desire, and of heart. He who loves is born of God, and knows God, for God is love. Christ was perfect in both, and absolutely so. Now Christ, as the light, put everything precisely in its place-man, Satan, sin, righteousness, holiness, all things, and that in every detail, and in connection with God. With regard to our service, we have each an individual place according to His divine wisdom, and according to His sovereign rights in the work. With the Spirit we find linked the unity of the body, the essential and real unity produced by the power of the Spirit uniting to Christ all His members: with the Lord, that of faith and of baptism. The apostle now founds his exhortation on the different points of view under which this unity may be considered-in connection with the Holy Ghost, with the Lord, and with God. Summary of the Book of Ephesians Juli Camarin July 16, 2013 Summary. "Christ shall give thee light." I would also remark, that these gifts are not here presented as gifts bestowed by the Holy Ghost come down to earth, and distributing to every one according to His will: nor are those gifts spoken of which are tokens of spiritual power suited to act as signs upon those that are outside: but they are ministrations for gathering together and for edification established by Christ as Head of the body by means of gifts with which He endows persons as His choice. Christ has been revealed in all His fulness: it is according to this revelation that the members of the body are to be formed in the likeness of Christ, known as filling all things, and as the Head of His body, the revelation of the perfect love of God, of the excellency of man before Him according to His counsels, of man the vessel of all His grace, all His power, and all His gifts. But we are light in the Lord. Verses 1-32. Our worthlessness enhances the love but, on the other hand, an affection and a motive have their worth from the object (and with Christ that was God Himself), self wholly given up. What was hidden throughout the ages was revealed to us when Christ came. He has led the adversary captive. 4) the assembly is presented in its unity as a body, and in the varied functions of its members; that is to say, the positive effect of those counsels in the assembly here below. The thing here spoken of is another result which is accomplished meanwhile. [7] In detail we shall find these characteristic features: truthfulness, the absence of all anger that has the nature of hatred (lying and hatred are the two characteristics of the enemy); practical righteousness connected with labour according to the will of God (man's true position); and the absence of corruption. There is one body and one Spirit; not merely an effect produced in the heart of individuals, in order that they might mutually understand each other, but one body. Here (chap. We are to walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us a sacrifice to God. And Christ was love, the expression of the love of God in the midst of all this. The Book of Ephesians is a beautiful revelation of the Church and the spiritual blessings we have in Christ Jesus. The latter passage speaks also of the gifts bestowed on His members. With this chapter the second part of the letter begins. Moreover, the old man is without God, alienated from the life of God. The key personalities of Ephesians are the Apostle Paul and Tychicus. Brief Summary: Doctrine occupies the greatest portion of the Book of Ephesians. It is in the assembly that the nature of God, the counsels of grace, and the efficacious work of Christ are concentrated in their object; and these gifts are the means of ministering, in the communication of these, in blessing to man. But this is founded on the exaltation of Christ, who, the conqueror of the enemy, has ascended to heaven as man. The new man is created, it is a new creation, [5] after the model of that which is the character of God righteousness and holiness of truth. With this precious object of the ministration of grace (namely, for the growth of each member individually unto the measure of the stature of the Head Himself), with the ministration of each member in its place to the edifying itself in love, ends this development of the counsels of God in the union of Christ and the assembly, in its double character of the body of Christ in heaven, and the habitation of the Holy Ghost on earth-truths which cannot be separated, but each of which has its distinctive importance, and which reconcile the certain immutable operations of grace in the Head with the failures of the assembly responsible on the earth. He can no longer be innocent. His body, compacted together, increases by the working of His grace in each member, and edifies itself in love. There are two principles for the Christian's path, according to the light in which he views himself. Tweet. 2:2). His faithfulness is glorified in our unfaithfulness without excusing it. 4 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. He gives us the right, as under His jurisdiction, of acting in His holy war, moved by the same principles of love as Himself.

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