Tell them that each group needs to identify one member to be the leader and another member to be the secretary who writes down what is said. What makes the Baby Boomers an important generation? The one doing the work, is the one doing the learning. The activity I am about to tell you about I’ve never been tried before. As individuals, small groups or a whole class, create a new norm for society. In class I will show my students a commercial, or some other curated message, and together we critically analyze each piece of the message. How does socioeconomic status influence health? Framing and social construction are inextricably connected processes. As a class, discuss similarities and differences in death rituals across cultures. After a short discussion to define a hypothesis, dependent, and independent variable, I ask the students to work with their neighbors to identify all three in Adam’s dead grandma research. Suggest men’s clothes for women, women’s clothes for men, winter clothes if it’s warm or an outfit from a different time period. The repeating guitar hook gets me every time. What would the working conditions be like? Ask a question about this topic. How is poverty feminized? How do you think views on royalty have changed since an American actress recently married into the British royal family? How does symbolic interactionism describe how we develop an understanding of what constitutes a family? Status & Roles. What is meritocracy? 3. With the whole class standing I say, “Ok, if your group is all male or all female sit down now.” After about a third of the students take their seats I say, “Now if you are not the leader or the secretary, sit down.” “Great, now I want all of the group leaders still standing to come up to the front here and stand on the left side of the stage. That has been reverberating in my head since Jay Howard said it at ASA last month[1]. If prestigious brand-name products, such as the Louis Vuitton handbag we started with, confer some sort of high status on those who possess and display them, then how does the “branding” of the self function in our 21st-Century economy? The Internet serves many positive functions for society. Adams, Mike. Use a program like Plickers or an electronic polling tool to have students in class answer the questions. How is voting impacted by race, class, and gender issues? Activities like the dead grandma can really help your students grasp these fundamental concepts quickly. How does a religious movement move from being a sect to a denomination? Make up original examples to illustrate your points. Define and describe them, and give an original example for each. However, the moment I ask them to do it on their own they struggle to see anything beyond the surface message. ↩, The song also demonstrates his ability to knock off Justin Timberlake and bite the Ying Yang Twins/David Banner style. How does the Cornucopia theory address the idea that the human population may become unsustainable? That is, why do most people get divorced?”. It’s the same standard “pick me, pick me!” passive feminine messaging. As we start to transition to the next class topic I throw down my final card to play, “Oh, and the census shows that the divorce rate has been declining since it peaked in 1980. Give concrete examples. After seeing the photos they submitted, reading their analysis of the photos, and following their discussions I feel this assignment really met it’s goal. Students must understand how to ask a research question before students can understand that sociology is a science. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. So teach it maybe, I’m certainly not the first to analyze the song. Ask your students to bring a homemade costume to class. Create 10 closed-ended survey questions addressing your hypothesis. All gender expressions are equally valid and equally deserving of respect. Instead of saying that US women, on average, earn 70 per cent of what US men earn, what happens if we say that men are earning $1.30 for every dollar women earn? Hey, I missed today’s exam because my grandma died, what should I do? TMI? How has globalization impacted the nature of work? How is ageism institutionalized? Pick an aspect of life that seems mundane and normal to you, and explain it to someone who is experiencing culture shock. What are three ways it has been dysfunctional? How does it impact different groups? How would you describe your standard of living? She is the author and co-author of 12 books and serves as a consultant in K-12 and higher education. Here, let me help you.” I push my clicker and this appears behind me: “Do you see it now?” I ask again.

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