The stereo image spread of the stereo images is small. Mixers that supply phantom power contain current limiting resistors which act as control valves. Typical Frequency Response of Middle Cartridge, Typical Frequency Response of Side Cartridge, Telescoping Tripod Microphone Floor Stand up to 14 ft (4.3 m) with carrying case. The optional A88SM Shock Mount provides optimum isolation from stand-transmitted shock and vibration. A balanced dynamic microphone is not affected by phantom power. H (High): Side level is1.6 dB higher than Mid level. For stereo mode operation, connect the left (L) splitter connector to the Channel 1 input and the right (R) splitter connector to the Channel 2 input of the mixer or console. The three settings (H, M, and L), determine the strength or width of the stereo effect, as described below. He also holds a BSc First Class Hons Degree in Music Technology. An external matrix can be useful when recording, because decisions on stereo imaging are deferred to the post-production stage. The adjacent LED will flash indicating at least five hours of useful battery life, and if no flashing is observed the battery should be replaced. February 5, 2007, Shure Incorporated | The mono sum (Left + Right) in any Stereo position is always equal to the Mid signal, ensuring mono compatibility. Of course, the mic cable carries the audio signal as well as the phantom voltage. Use the Shure C110 Extension Cable (available as an accessory) for extended cable runs between the VP88 and a mixer or console. I needed to power one of my condenser microphones for my remote recording sessions. The capacitor must have enough capacitance to pass the audio signal without degradation. [4]All specifications measured with a 48 Vdc phantom power supply. Other condenser microphones utilize separate conductors for bias and for audio. The JFET acts as an impedance converter which is a necessity in any microphone design that uses a condenser element. The H position provides the most side ambience pickup and the greatest amount of stereo spread. (L, M, or H). Unlike phantom power, bias does not require a balanced circuit. Marc forms part of our Pro Audio team at Shure UK and specialises in Digital Marketing. Davida Rochman | Disconnect the microphone cable and unscrew the VP88 lower handle. External switches control output mode, stereo imaging, low-frequency roll off settings, and battery on/off. If the microphone or cable is improperly wired, these resistors limit the flow of current to the microphone and thereby prevent damage to the phantom supply circuit. Bias is a dc voltage (1.5 - 9 volts typically) that is provided on a single conductor. This setting is only appropriate if a high degree of ambience pickup is acceptable and the performing area is not excessively wide. The battery does not drain when phantom power is applied. Although the microphone will probably not be damaged, it will not work properly. Not true! Set the Channel 1 pan pot to full left and the Channel 2 pan pot to full right. Phantom power is normally supplied by the microphone mixer, but may also be supplied by a separate phantom power supply. So if a mixer supplies 48 volts of phantom, XLR pins 2 and 3 of the microphone cable each carry 48 volts dc relative to pin 1. Since the side signal is cancelled in mono, the mono output will be equal to the cardioid Mid cartridge signal only, regardless of the side level control setting. The lower control sets the VP88 to either MS Mode, or one of three Stereo modes. The green connector, marked “S” and “R”, carries the Side signal (in MS mode) or right signal (in stereo mode). Brass and nickel-plated aluminum construction with stainless steel grille. Will Phantom Power Damage my Dynamic Mics? Phantom power is a dc voltage (11 - 48 volts) which powers the preamplifier of a condenser microphone. The exact value depends upon the electronic characteristics of the microphone circuit and must be calculated for each situation. Condenser elements with a built in JFET use this configuration and employ a single conductor, shielded cable.

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