For the sociological school of law is indeed able to explain the origin and effect of positive legal norms from the actual sociological facts, but it cannot explain law itself. After the American revolution the North Americans were governed more or less in accordance with natural law for one hundred and thirty years. He had great influence on the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Natural law theories were denounced primarily because its source was said to be a divine entity. Locke wrote after the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and justified the same. He belongs to analytical school. HINDU LAW :-  Hindu Law is also considered as the most ancient law in the world. 10 Judges are the makers of law not discovers of law. They are not concerned with the goodness or badness of the grandnorm. Fuller must surely believe that form has a direct bearing on content as otherwise his principles would be noth­ing more than the tools of an efficient craftsman. So Kelson also get influenced from these written constitutions and gave his own theory which is based on grandnorms. Drawing on Aristotle and Aquarius, Finnis sets up the proposition that there are certain basic goods for all human beings. Notes and Video Lecture of LL.B ( 3 Year) Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, Glory to the law! DIFFERENCE BETWEEN POSSESSION & OWNERSHIP. 1. His theory described about two words i.e. The object of the civil administration of justice is to ascertain the rights of the parties and the party who suffers from the breach of such rights is to be helped by way of paying damages or getting injunction, restitution and specific performance of contract etc. There has to be a constitutional convention to settle a constitution and procedures that are most likely to lead to a just and effective order. This paper seeks to analyze the contribution of natural law to legal thought. 2. Basic philosophy or the fundamental concept of right remains permanent but with the time being it is subjected to incorporate the allied changed in it. This law is imposed upon persons and is made by persons. Up to what extent morals help in the development of law. HLA Hart was the Principal and Professor in “ Brasenose College Oxford”  His theory about the law named as concept of Law. The bloody and unsuccessful experiment of Socrates disciple, Crotias, showed that the rule of law, not men, was correct. The new approach of natural law is concerned with practicle problems and not abstract ideas. But only the living Law is the actual law.”. excellent notes! Negative and Positive Right:-Positive means related to duty whereas negative means not related to duty. Thus appeared the differences between the rich and the poor which was the prolific source of all other sources of inequality. Therefore, Natural Law finds its power in discovering certain universal standards in morality and ethics. The legislative powers are restricted to the facts of case before them. Grotius was not able to explain this anomaly. [xvii]  Dr.,N.V.Paranjape, Jurisprudence and Legal theory, central law agency, Allahabad,2011, 6th edn.,p.108. He gave all power to a utilitarian secular sovereign. A person who obeys laws is known as a civilized citizen. He found a “family resemblance” in the various Natural Law theories, the search for principles of social order. From *Law Student India* App for your preparations Click link to download Like & Share to others... Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks. By a social contract, everyone surrendered to the community all his rights and the result was that the community became sovereign. In this way Duguit put out the natural law principal from the door and accepted through the window. Later on jus gentium and jus civile became one when Roman citizenship was extended to all except a few classes of people. John Locke made a major advance to our understanding of natural law, by emphasizing the nature of man as a maker of things, and a property owning animal. But under historical school Soviging says that law is the general consciousness (Volkgeist) of the people.

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