How to get the cheapest quotes if you are moving to Singapore. The articles, personal effects and personal pets are imported within 6 months of his first arrival in Singapore. But 2kg is the maximum size – for larger parcels they recommend Parcel Force and the costs very quickly become too expensive. Port-to-port rather than door-to-door delivery. Self-packed tends to be higher as it is not packed by professional packers. 21 Get a Quote For Shipping To Singapore From the UK, specialist box shipping services to Singapore, click here to visit our car shipping page, A FIDI Guide to Singapore Customs is available here, What You Need to Know About Living in Singapore, PSS Teddy’s Christmas Shopping Trip To New York, What You Need To Know About Moving To Thailand, What you need to know about living in Thailand, 10 Great Reasons to Move to Australia’s Gold Coast, Update on international removals and box / baggage shipping services. Shipping to Singapore From Australia. 7 Quotes To Inspire You To Get Started On Your Dream Move Today! Average shipping costs to Singapore from UK for parcels, boxes and shipping containers. How long does shipping take from UK to Singapore? What’s Included in the Price for International Removals? Additional storage time in the UK or at the destination before delivery. Excess Baggage and box shipping services are ideal for shipping smaller quantities of items / luggage. If you are moving to Singapore, PSS International Removals will be happy to help. You will therefore be less liable to pay taxes and other charges. The best way to do this is through an estimator visiting your house, although now some shipping companies like PSS offer video surveys via a mobile app, or online calculators where you list what you wish to send. The quote is cheaper as it does not include customs clearance and handling. 5 Average Sea Freight Shipping Times From UK to Singapore, 7 Cost of Sending Boxes / Excess Baggage to Singapore From the UK, 10 Getting an Accurate Shipping Quote or Estimate, 11 Costs for Shipping Personal Effects and Household Goods. No matter whether you are a first time migrant or a Singaporean returning home, PSS can offer you the best prices on shipping for household removals, boxes of personal effects and also cars. The prices listed here are for a full door-to-door removals service aimed at people shipping their personal effects. Shipment protection and insurance costs vary between companies and depending on whether it is self-packed or packed by the shipping/removals company. Being flexible or planning your move date can help get a lower price on your shipping/move costs. Customs Clearance, haulage of container and unloading. Trust the shipping experts Easyship provides eCommerce sellers with a single solution to ship their orders worldwide. Some Storage may be included in UK or Singapore. Therefore if you are moving to Singapore or plan to stay for a longer period, specialist box shipping services to Singapore as offered by PSS International are a very attractive option. *Box shipping prices are for self-pack, economy size cartons. Your shipping costs will be based on the volume (cubic feet) that you ship. Quantity discounts are also available, so it could well be cheaper for you to ship more of your belongings rather than buy everything new in Singapore where they may be expensive to replace. Removals Quote   Quote For Shipping Boxes / Luggage. There are two main methods for shipping cars to Singapore – in a shipping container or using a RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) service. Check everything you need to ship. Cheap shipping quotes may look attractive on the surface but often have hidden costs or shortcuts which could put your belongings at risk. Customs fees, duties and other charges payable to Government bodies (see below). This service is designed for people moving overseas or shipping personal effects and is much more comprehensive than using a freight forwarder or shipping port to port. Large items such as furniture will require a removals service. Costs per box improve as the quantity or volume shipped increases. Household goods and personal effects include everything from furniture and clothes to bicycles, golf clubs and other used personal items. Although this guarantees the payment and cost of removal in the rare event that your removal company cannot complete your move, you should also consider protection for your belongings. Because Singapore is a wealthy nation, and small, its population has a healthy appetite for products and materials from overseas. Cars, bikes, motor homes, caravans, motorbikes, boats can all to be shipped to Singapore. Expect to pay anything from 3% to 7% of the total value of your goods. 13 Cost of Car and Vehicle Shipping to Singapore, 14 Cheapest Shipping to Singapore – Warning. 17 What’s Not Included In Your Quote – Additional Charges and Fees, 19 Shipment Protection and Marine Insurance. Export and Import Rates for Payers in Singapore To get a quote for a specific shipment, use our Rate Tool . The cost of shipping to precise locations in Singapore will vary depending on distance from port, access and the building floor. Our advisers will be able to give you the best quote based on your circumstances. Personal shipping companies like PSS are therefore the perfect solution. Cost of Car and Vehicle Shipping to Singapore, The Port of Singapore – one of the busiest container ports in the world, Buying an alternative property & enjoying the good life in Portugal, Moving to Spain in the transition period and applying for the new TIE residency card, Head Office - Unit 6 Mill Lane Trading Estate, Mill Lane, Croydon, Surrey, London, CR9 4PS, Guide to Shipping to Singapore from the UK. Cost of Sending Parcels to Singapore. 16 Getting a Discount On Your Shipping to Singapore. Fortunately many people including immigrants, returning expats, students and even people on work and visitor visas can ship household goods and personal effects to Singapore duty free. above the first floor or if a shuttle service is needed to transport belongings from your house to the container. This guide will give an estimate on the price of a container or part container to Singapore and also detail the other costs involved that may not be part of your main quote. Container Shipping Costs From Sydney. Removal/shipping company is not BAR or FIDI regulated. An undertaking is provided not to dispose the articles and personal effects within 3 months from the date of import. However, if you reduce your volume your shipping estimate may decrease. Boxes / Luggage, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Moving overseas? Professional export standard packing materials and cartons. We have noticed that some shipping companies give misleading quotes for cheap shipping to Singapore. Some vehicles, especially motor homes and caravans, may be too wide or  tall to fit in a shipping container and will need to be shipped RORO. Advice & assistance with completing forms, & other paperwork. The shipping company are using low cost shipping lines which may be cheaper but your belongings are at greater risk of delays, damages or even loss. The shipping quotation you are given is an estimate and your final invoice may be different for a number of reasons. Unacceptable lower grade packing materials or not professionally packed. Fore nearly 40 years we have helped thousands of people and families to move or ship belongings to Singapore. If you don’t meet the criteria for household effects or your goods are deemed commercial imports then customs duties and tax may apply. (Some removals companies will allow you to select which particular items you wish to cover so this can save you significantly on your insurance costs). Get A Quote For Car & Vehicle Shipping To Singapore. Small satchel (Up to 500g): $22.26+ Box (Up to 5kg): $81.73+ Source: Australia Post.

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