My name is April Molloy, and it's my privilege and pleasure on behalf of Parents United to welcome you here today. As you are already aware, International Trade, Investments and Energy are critical for sustainable development. Here, get a sample welcome speech for a corporate event to make it a success. On the on hand, Viet Nam offers a fast growing economy underpinned by a dynamic manufacturing sector which is attractive of Foreign Direct Investments. Here are a few tips to write one 1. On the other hand, Africa offers abundant natural resources, a huge market of 1 billion persons with an expanding middle class, high return on investment and low labor cost. Example welcome speech - "Readers by Right". We are happy you have joined us to (be specific to the reason for the occasion). It is a statement which includes greeting to all the audience, special guests, participants, delegates or … I call upon you, Distinguished Delegates, to contribute openly and provide specific proposals in order to have fruitful deliberations. Therefore, addressing these three issues, Ladies and Gentlemen, becomes critical not only for strengthening the linkages between Viet Nam and Africa but also for the achievements of a mutually beneficial sustainable development. Viet Nam offers skills and competencies in agriculture, aquaculture and food production sectors as well as in Health and Education. This Panel Session will allow us to underscore the increasing economic dynamism of South-South Cooperation and the increasing role of Vietnam as a dynamic player of the South. That is why I not only welcome you but also thank you for being here. How can we ensure that this cooperation provides mutually beneficial sustainable development? Mainly in the conference, it is essential to acknowledge your delegates, guests, speakers, sponsors & … Here is a sample script for use in planning your opening remarks: “Good evening! If, Lord willing, we get over 85, half of us will have Alzheimer’s. Investment by supplementing domestic savings and creating employment and providing access to technology can enhance prospects for meeting the MDGs by 2015. The welcome speech is the spine of any corporate event. Copyright © 2020 UN-OHRLLS. What are the challenges, the advantages and the opportunities that could be foreseen to really promote this cooperation to its full potential? Although I typically don’t use a “script” which dictates what I will say word for word, sometimes it’s required. This also opens opportunities for diversification in terms of both markets and products, which is crucial for reducing vulnerability to external shocks in Africa. Speech Moderator's Opening Remarks for Panel Discussion on Mortgage Finance Luci Ellis Head of Financial Stability Department. Viet-Nam – Africa total trade amounted to over $US2 billion in 2009 which is about 2% of Viet Nam total foreign trade turnover. My name is (name) and this is (name) , (name) , (name) , and (name) . Fifth UN Conference on Least Developed Countries, Towards a bright future for least developed countries. As you can see, there is a considerable scope to enhance the Viet Nam Africa relations around trade, energy and investments. I hope this free welcome speech has given you some ideas for writing your own. Say the questions out loud, think of possible comments and identify ways to involve more than one panelist in each question. A welcome speech is a short expression of words which is delivered at the starting of any event, meeting, gathering, celebration or program. Tips for a Welcome Speech. That is way below the potential of this growing cooperation. The same goes for moderating a panel! Africa also benefits from preferential treatment on trade with developed countries’ markets such as the European Union and the USA for instance. 2. For example, the rapid expansion of the external trade of the People’s Republic of China has played a key role in the country’s remarkable economic advancement. Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with a great pleasure that I welcome all of you, Honorable Delegates, to this Panel Session on Trade, Energy and Investment Cooperation, in my privileged capacity of co-chair. It is simply not possible for everyone to come up with the right kind of words to use in a welcome speech. Your comfort and skill in front of the audience sets the tone for the entire discussion. It is something that one has to plan and think about so that the right tone is set for the person you are welcoming to make his or her speech. All rights reserved. This is likely to continue given the slow pace at which developed countries are growing. Short Welcome Speech Samples To Address any Event. Total exports from Viet Nam to Africa represented 0.5 % of Africa’s imports in 2009. Yet, Africa offers a high potential of renewable energy such as solar energy and hydropower. Great Afternoon Everyone – Hope you are progressing admirably! We are from the (Organization) .” “We’re here this evening to talk to you about an agricultural issue that we feel is of great importance.” Image Source. On behalf of and together with the Essential Lead Team, I wish to celebrate your choice to participate in Essential Conference 2016. The South has also become an important locomotive for global economic growth. Viet Nam and Africa are both currently on the recovery path with positive prospects for 2010 and the coming years with growth forecasts of respectively 6.5 % and 4.5% in 2010. Indeed, as the Brazilian President, Lula Da Silva noted, there is a new geography of trade and investment. Welcome Speech. "Sue-Ellen Thomas, Jim Smith, Jane Brown and all of our guests, welcome. Let me finish by spelling out my expectations for this session which will benefits from the presentation of very distinguished experts.

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