But, it's hugely popular, and for some people it does create a really excellent sound. We love the mix control knob on the NT-USB, it’s a feature not found on many other mics, and in terms of interviews and podcasts, it’s pretty nifty. I would say, seriously, this is overkill for nearly anyone, even if you're broadcasting to millions. Colton. I have no headphones except the ear buds I used to listen to music at work so I’d need to buy a good pair of earphones anyway based on what I’m reading. In comparison, I’ve tried at least a dozen microphones during the same period. I do voice-overs for YouTube videos from my living room and Yeti began to pick all sorts of background noises. I use the Audio-Technica ATR2100. They are both USB microphones, meaning you can just plug them in and start using them. Thanks again so much for your advice and wisdom you are all doing such a great job! Thanks for the review. Lastly I plan on recording directly into GarageBand like I did before. It’s a difficult one for me to call, and I’m not sure which one I prefer – both do a fantastic job and produce professional-sounding audio. By that, I mean it doesn’t feel like a brick in your bag, like the Yeti! I love this little mic for two main reasons: Even better, the Rode Smartlav+ can be bundled with the SC6 adapter to plug two, yep a pair, of mics into one Smartphone. I was really impressed with the 990 when I had one! Then you transfer the recorded audio onto your computer via a USB cable. Saying that, the Q2U is guaranteed to be great quality for the money and it has the flexibility of having an XLR output too, so perhaps that’s a better option, unless you’re really keen on the styling . But they're world class equipment and justify the cost. Also the microphone will be placed close to us(about a foot to 2 feet away) and in front of the TV (a foot away, and we’re going to be recording Gameplay) should I place it else where to avoid Background noise? A way around it is to use a usb mic as they bypass the sound card, using their own drivers. But the one drawback is that it seems to come at the cost of a gain knob, which I think is one of the most helpful features on an at-home USB mic. all 3 items are working perfectly with the snowball. Now, since it’s only got a cardioid The ATR2100 would be ideal, but any dynamic mic with a cardioid polar pattern will help you to isolate those other sounds. Dynamic mics are essentially the opposite of everything I've described above. I recently got hold of Aphex’s Microphone X USB mic which, despite the excellent build quality, and reasonable price just isn’t up to scratch despite the very positive reviews I’d read online. As you’ve pointed out, recording clean source material is definitely the best way to go. It supposedly has a stereo mic, plus two rear facing mics that take the ambient audio and then remove it from the input in real time. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Don't forget the Rode Smartlav+, too, if you do a lot of on-the-go recordings with people in real life. Overall, this microphone will give you better sound options and features which can mean a better recording experience, even though it is a bit more expensive than the Rode NT. Is a mixer required for use with USB condenser mics like ATR2500? use without the need to worry about any drivers or latency issues. I’m trying to take all of this into consideration when choosing which mic I request be purchased. Well, whip out your smartlavs and grab a great quality interview on exactly what it's like to be that famous for no particular reason. Sampling rates are something unique to USB microphones you won’t find on other microphones, and they refer to the analog-to-digital conversion taking place. Another great thing about these microphones is that they're ideal for heading out and about, capturing live audio interviews. I give lessons through Skype and sometimes Google Hangouts, although the medium is subject to change. They’ve managed to straddle the line of harkening back to the 1960s golden-age of recording, yet unquestionable their microphones are a creation of the 21st century. I stumbled upon this great article and decided to go with Blue Yeti but it turned out bad! I also like the samsung Q2U but will I need two of them one for me and one for the mother. You’ll find all the detail on each level below.

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