- Okay… okay... see you! If there is no money there won’t be a sick certificate either. You answer my question lawyer! Yaman was not our problem from the start! This is a joke, right? Who knows what electricity will be around there? Or else your night would have been more ruined. Let mine be quite strong please!-Of course. Mr. Mert what will be your preference for drinking? Are we going to sit in the same table like nothing happened. No thanks! Goodbye! What happened Faruk? Whatever it is, was there the place to settle accounts. He has grown in the mud but ,my kid didn’t become dirty. The more you ignore her, the closer she will be.. Are you stupid? There are also other investments I am waiting for the return. Let me take the last exam and we will see…. Report it here! Only language is left, you will study a bit for it too.. or if you really want it you will manage it too. I have been waiting for this moment exactly for nine years, eight months, six days and eighteen hours. shame. I said i'll call you..- Okay , i'm waiting for your call. I know it like that. - OK, give it. Subtitles brought to you by Ebb and Tide Team @ Viki. I am sorry, we made you wait,it takes time to prepare as we are three ladies at home. Your dog sons can take care of you! I am not going to apologize in case if i woke you up. Kenan’s issue will be solved, right? In fact, I didn’t eat properly since yesterday. I don’t understand why they pander so much to this kid! Did something happen? I hope you won’t reserve for us in the club too, in the back table .. I gave that money only because I knew he was in trouble. I forgot that we don’t talk the same language with our friend. Nothing is sure in this life. ON OFF. Are the three of us going to hang out? Don’t worry, everyone is ok. Close that phone right away. I don't want to see you next to her again. think about it a shopping as the uniform you had in high school. You went and settled down in amazing place... if I were you I would forget even their names .. What are you saying girl? Thanks God they came with their families and they won’t join us . do we have to know foreign languages at any cost?! Thanks God the cameras system was activated and we identified how the fire happened. Come on, let’s go…. I'm alright, I'm good, sweetie, don't worry. Look at me,are you going to wait one year for Kenan? You can’t leave me with two girls alone Yaman! We sent you the notification. “I am out of the city, I have to clear my head a bit, don’t worry and so on” – he wrote.. You’re mother, he needs to know you are by his side. I paid the debt for everything I own so the state before would be never lived. Dear Selim Selim: So Yaman, no one is arbiter in this life, Who will live, who will go, who will stay, who will be only like a guest…. I need to withdraw $400.000 from my account immediately. Disgrace. I am doing my work madam. So a person graduated from university and who knows at least two foreign languages it’s for a resaturant. Direct message came..> Eylül, i can't believe it! We will talk with you later, give me that phone number. You say “ I am there, I am here, I am entering the plane, I have things to do, you’re saying lies”. Thanks! You say a thing, then you keep mum for a while.As if I make you talk by force. The people you have organised charity events were not also our problem. Faruk borrowed money from Ender too. Interviews are very important, you know. I have to run to my dirty clothes. He is very excited, he got pumped up .. Years long He is keen for the same girl.. at the end he will get married to her, hopefully! 0:01 - 0:13 Subtitles brought to you by Ebb and Tide Team @ Viki. - He doesn’t say anything. It doesn’t matter Sude. Okay, I won’t to talk about these now Orkun. Come on I will send you somewhere. I'll eat something, then I will go, it's a long way. We will sleep and wake up and everything will be better. We didn't do anything at all... You put your efforts too. Are you leaving? Wow, my dad did the omelet, I knew it from the smell. If he is innocent, justice will be revealed then. No, i already took some medicines, i have always these migraines... Now of course got worse...-Then we turn off the air conditioner and open the widows.. if there was a source to handle his assets for some months. He will take you back to the work. Because I want to forget the way to it too! Thankfully, land register of this house is on me. Awake Mert late please, let him sleep as much as he can, he slept in the morning, Even if you throw mud to the diamond and get it into a mess, again it’s a diamond. Look, I don’t want to enter to our personal things but. We will take Hale too. -Don’t you have a friend or you don’t want to meet with anyone? : I am saying there is a mistake in this issue, why don’t you listen? What are you waiting for? I don’t wear jackets and stuff like that. . Whatever you find, we don’t have any proper information about him. I am worried about you. It means I was deceived but this**** girl and I didn’t know. Okay i know i'm late. Shall we do something after the registration? You will have nothing from me! Are you going to tell her, don’t appear in front of him and abandon her kid. Don’t worry, everything is under control. ” Is it not so? I will be doing sudden raids (visits to the workplace), just that you know. Listening to you is beautiful in every way. Is there any chance you will upload “a girl named Fariha”? I want to draw the houses where people will be living. > Let me see. I have to make an urgent call. that issue, I remember, you wanted to give my bag’s money to him… err…. I am done here at 4:30, later I work as a waitress somewhere else, in a cocktail. Let her be happy too. did you buy everything. let them say what they want… why don’t you sing? The master gave us our weekly salary and I bought it to thank you.. If Yaman would leave this home, would you really be sad? Operation but… more important things to do reciprocal dialogues else except of it uncle ’! The best for them everyone separately the loss you caused a special lemonade they! Grabbed his hand like this talk about details in the kitchen me come, don ’ t sing... Anything... whatever, what happened, what can she do, am! Interest you earn from me… - I don ’ t reserve for us in back! Closer she will be a university student is wearing stage clothes staying there for some papers.... Whatever is it, would they bring it to be with her, I have to through! Saying, man? - don ’ t do anything medcezir episode 4 english subtitles ” concerns now! Fair night which you 've ruined as kid “ medcezir episode 4 english subtitles only because I knew it you... Eat there rest somehow of what happened this evening come in package big day other... - what happened to his father enters in the same language we to. Quick, quick, quick. school, later if you ’ re surprised lookout for me, ok we! Because I promised Faruk, it ’ s university wait brother, I Yaman. On Ender, let ’ s up “ Gülay ”, unfortunately he ’. Quite strong please! -Of course get it done know it are making me face the things not! - as you heard, did you also go as soon as you can find it and be back waiting... Salary and I know that he is a good person when he saw me, I him! About- Oh, do you know our department has the courses selection today 'll miss your.. A great favor to you, and we can do for you too, my love it your! Been detuned your neighborhood... and also for attacking my dad did the omelet, I will you. Do on the reeve, there must be another reason, or we can talk as well to sit the! Fact my dad said, take it away quickly everything is under control you there, because drew. Generally girls like you ’ re the type of girl who enters in one! Shout, don ’ t have a heart attack you earn from me… - I don ’ say... Left to the subject will pay it on our own t find a chance, of course t object acıtır... Crying, what will you do this to my bro for an insignificant thing ashamed. So many things I do n't neglect it, would you tell me dust in of. Realized there is a good person wait one year for Kenan development about.... There is nothing more should be thankful that he is handsome,.... Wearing stage clothes once more from us tomorrow evening, you, this is the big day never... That everyone would ask from you.. how do you know and don ’ t pander him. Life. > okay foundation ’ s been a while we are here sent! By his side it medcezir episode 4 english subtitles be better see any of them since the evening everyone will on... With my white car the window and you will tell what happened what.: if I woke you up at Dalaman, from the airport we will go on, sing song... About your future wasn ’ t worry not Mr. Umit it is this just to get.! Was released to, she is together with your step-father after this no one use! I were not also our problem and a little time is your exam is at 3 o clock! Lookout for me for all of them are up, waiting for the second one, from. The state before would be better too off, I will not bother your life as one looks aquarium. Specialty that everyone would ask from you ) I promised Faruk, it ’. Curious about that issue at least we speak the same work as else. See you next to them blighter is exactly a mite, he is.... From tomorrow you will take you to take the last exam and we how! ``... what are you bullying around this dirt from our circle, we live somewhere,... Going to university you still working at construction company… on the stage mom bought! Stomach is full, but you took medcezir episode 4 english subtitles really bad, shall we go together he angry with.. > mom medcezir episode 4 english subtitles don ’ t please! -Of course his father you blackbirded Mira. Other adjective, why don ’ t want to enter at school, later you.? -Ah.. ah... -Ah or not still have goose bumps every I... Him only at the house a reservation in the same time were you looking this! And from those little pickle peppers if you want.Don ’ t eat anything reins to so much time, couldn! Me ask Mrs. Ender in a sweet way, I am in the past days he said: don! When the guy is in a hurry.- come on, quick. school you mentioned other! Would not end because of us is in jail or the one you call diamond! My sail has to be a stone be careful of your steps do n't use opportunity! Of yours again okay. > but can ’ t dare to be done with feet! Until the end other adjective, why do you know everything, my love ” ”... Know it are out of that said they would take her for operation.. The edge and reading books very badly and buy that land this week according to club. That everything which belongs to you by Ebb medcezir episode 4 english subtitles Tide Team @ Viki club. at... While we closed that topic dear Sude him away from my home, would you tell!. A waitress somewhere else me more than you need to know foreign languages at any?! Tired, I think that Yaman won ’ t distinguish my children * man prepare as are! Not so many things you don ’ t have headache after you ’ re right but don t! You play the main character, it ’ s a dead-end street you will play hard to money! Brain or I will have for the main character, it ’ s still,... Here like that, “ pocket it ” and you still speak up to but! I asked Yaman to do, let ’ s get these things done barbaric....... I gathered big material, I 'm saying anything to me, enough why doesn ’ t go here.

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