It is also called undifferentiated marketing because this is a strategy that ignores targeting individual market segments. web address is In Research Handbook on Luxury Branding. 67-71. Mass marketing is extremely expensive form of marketing and it is usually used by large companies that are well established. Toward a ‘ masstige ’ theory and strategy for marketing. /Title (From Mass Marketing to Mass Customization) The impact of branding strategies on horizontal and downward line extension of luxury brands. 4 0 obj This was pointing towards an important facet that marketers can enjoy luxury image for brands at varied price points (Kapferer et al., 2014). endobj Engaging with all kinds of consumers could get your product sales to rise. Mass Marketing (undifferentiated marketing) is a market coverage technique that does not distinguish or recognise any substantial differences between customer segments and usually offers a generic/holistic marketing approach. /Tabs /S 10 0 obj Different market segments are targeted with the same blanket approach (for Journal of Product & Brand Management, 14(3), 143-154. doi: Harvard Business Press, US. Keller, K. L. (1993). �@��, Kapferer, J. N. (2015). * The business evidence section is for premium members only. (2015)., Kastanakis, M. N., & Balabanis, G. (2014). 5. There are studies in which the rarity principal was questioned and it has been argued that premium brands can grow with a bandwagon effect by creating mass prestige (Fain, Roy, & Ranchhod, 2015; Kapferer, Klippert, & Leproux, 2014; Kapferer & Valette-Florence, 2016; Phau & Prendergast, 2000; Kastankis & Balabanis, 2011, 2012 & 2014; Paul, 2019). Journal of Product and Brand Management, 24(3), 211–228. 3 0 obj /Type /Pages It is the primary means of communication used to reach the vast majority of the general public. He serves as Associate Editor with European Management Journal, & Journal of Strategic Marketing. Masstige is characterized by mass prestige consumption, with consumers trading up for better quality against a reasonable premium, with a careful downward extension of luxury brands to reap a larger market in waiting (Silverstein & Fiske, 2003; Kumar, Paul, & Unnithan, 2020). >> His research interest includes Branding, Brand Equity, Masstige Branding and Brand Personality. Essentially, Internet technology (which changes by the moment) has created a new way of doing business. /Resources 19 0 R Traditionally mass marketing has focused on radio, television and newspapers as the media used to reach this broad audience. A modified type of direct marketing is represented by Estimation and Comparison of masstige value of competing brands in a specific product category, in a country, across countries and product categories, Brand equity and Mass prestige: Measures, Linkages, Interfaces and dispersions, Computing and comparing Masstige value of foreign versus domestic brands in different product categories such as Smart Phones, Cars, Garments, Watches, Relationship of masstige with various other brand equity constructs, Masstige and consumer-brand relationships, Masstige and consumer psychology in the post-COVID 19 era, Masstige and positioning theory in the post-COVID 19 era, Relationship between masstige and consumer happiness, Masstige brands as a medium of attaining consumer’s desires, Masstige as a tool to handle brands in recessionary times, Attaining masstige for brands through promotions, product and place strategies. Prof. Shlomo Y. Tarba is an Academician (Fellow) of British Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS) and Chair (Full Professor) in Strategy & International Business, University of Birmingham. /Contents 22 0 R 14 0 obj Catalogue companies (Spiegel, DOI:, Kapferer, J.-N., Klippert, C., & Leproux, L. (2014). A mass marketer, such as Nike, has very little direct contact with its customers and must distribute its product through various retail outlets alongside al. Contact us to register your interest in our business management platform, and learn all about Niche vs. Mass Marketing. /Contents 16 0 R /Type /Page /Length 25 0 R Houghton Miffin, US. worthwhile. He serves as reviewer to multiple leading journals listed in ABDC and UK-ABS. For example, prior studies have estimated masstige value of competing brands comparing foreign versus domestic laptop and car brands (Kumar & Paul, 2018; Paul, 2019). /XObject 24 0 R << New page type Book TopicInteractive Learning Content, Textbooks for Primary Schools (English Language), Textbooks for Secondary Schools (English Language), The Role of Marketing in the Firm: A Basis for Classification, Creative Commons-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, CURRENT EXAMPLES FROM ALL TYPES AND SIZES OF BUSINESS, Characteristics of a Marketing Organization, For-profit Marketing Versus Nonprofit Marketing, Mass Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Internet Marketing, Local, Regional, National, International, and Global Marketers, Consumer Goods Marketing and Business-to-Business (Industrial) Marketing, The Undifferentiated Market (Market Aggregation), MARKETING RESEARCH: AN AID TO DECISION MAKING, THE NATURE AND IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING RESEARCH, PROCEDURES AND TECHNIQUES IN MARKETING RESEARCH, Determining the Purpose and Scope of the Research, Anticipating the Results/Making the Report, Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives, Newsline: Follow the consumer and see what happens, Understanding Other Cultures Around the World, REASONS FOR ENTERING INTERNATIONAL MARKETS, PRODUCT PLANNING AND STRATEGY FORMULATION, Step 2: Screening Product Development Ideas, Step 4: Technical and Marketing Development, AMERICAN EXPRESS: COMMUNICATING BIG IDEAS, THE OBJECTIVES OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION, Sales Promotion: A Little Bit of Everything, Public Relations: The Art of Maintaining Goodwill, Personal Selling and the Marketing Communication Mix, Company Salespeople Versus Manufacturer Representatives, Strengths and Weaknesses of Personal Selling, PRICE DEFINED: THREE DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES, Rational Man Pricing: An Economic Perspective, ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO DETERMINING PRICE, Cost-Oriented Pricing: Cost-Plus and Mark-Ups, CHANNEL CONCEPTS: DISTRIBUTING THE PRODUCT, CHANNEL INSTITUTIONS: CAPABILITIES AND LIMITATIONS, Evaluate and Select from Channel Alternatives.

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