11.312" = 9.724 blocks long. Also, the range of sizes make this project fantastic for scraps! I’m using this to make a quilt for a new baby boy. 1/2 yard of … Thanks. That means you’ll cut strips, sew them together, cut, sew again, and be done! Scrappy quilts are the BEST! This will make a big loop and a half size loop. You must Register or Love the quilt, scrappy and bright, all the boxes ticked. I messed up the order of some of the blocks constructing this, but you’ll get the picture! Newest Products. gotta do this one! So that would be (2) 2.5″ blocks for every 4.5″ block and (3) 2.5″block for every 6.5″ block, or 2.5″ and a 4.5″ block for mating with a 6.5″ block. And beautiful too. I like this very much, if you don't mind I am gonna coppy this voor a baby quit. Xx. Seems every quilt I make I go through this stage. The smaller numbers add up … Lots of work but very cool. Scrappy. Oh it’s so homie very cute! Arrange your 14 shorter strips in order from 1-14 and sew them together the same way. Use Magic Numbers. Smitten Kitten will become a Magic Number class sample. = }. I so love patchwork quilts! I do charity quilts. If it couldn’t be cut into a strip of a decent length I didn’t keep up. This will help your seams to not come undone when you cut the strip sets into columns later. Jenny Doan shows demonstrates how to make a Magic Square Quilt using layer cakes (or a smaller version using turnovers and jelly rolls). Each of the blocks can be made in a variety of sizes and they are easy to piece. Love your outcome… it’s beautiful. I love the new modern patchwork quilt designs with improvisational piecing and simple, clean lines. I could try and count but thought you may just know:), I use this method on tshirt quilts as well, only a bit larger as 12.5, 8.5, 4.5 etc, as the graphics on stshirts very in size…. Hi Katie! I'm with your other blogger though, 3" is just a little to scary for me. […], Hosting in Your CommunityCancellation PolicyPrivacy PolicyUsage Policy, and another quilt design using magic numbers is. Find it here. Did I mention that this is a strip quilt? (Even though I'm dying of seam envy. I think the concept is: choose a basic/starting unit size (hers is finished 2″), then double it for the 2nd size (add seam allowance, hence 4.5″), then triple it for the 3rd size (6.5″) Make sense? Can’t wait to try one! http://www.dontcallmebetsy.com/2012/03/tutorial-fmq-baptist-fans.html?showComment=1332018896102#c4498182576152249810. I can wait to start! To be totally honest - I’m borrowing a few techniques from Bargello quiltmaking which can be fantastically complex and beautiful. You learn something everyday. My squares have no piecing in them, but you could use this same method for piecing together traditional or improvisationally pieced blocks. You will have a few inches of fabric left over - so don’t hesitate to trim the edge of the strip set in between cutting columns if you feel you need to straighten up. It's a beautiful quilt, striking and interesting. If your piece is too small, add to it; too large, trim to size. 4. We are usually more critical when it comes to our own projects. We could 100% improvisationally piece our design and not do a lick of math, but magic numbers is another path, and it’s a path that can offer a load of texture with all its seams. Congratulations! cut: 1 – 10″ square; 2 – 10″x 2½” strips; 2 – 14″x 2½” strips – dark; From the light fabric, cut: 1 – 10″ square; 2 – 10″x 2½” strips; 2 – 14″x 2½” strips Press them with the seams going in alternating directions. And I’m not alone: these graphic, contemporary quilts with off-kilter blocks and wide expanses of solid colors appeal to a wide range of quilt artists.

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