137 Votes in Poll. When he isn’t the one to collect them, it’s usually because he’s dead and they need to be used to bring him back to life. Depuis des décennies, personne ne semble arriver à la cheville du Saiyan dans l'univers de DBZ. This is probably not the answer you wanted, but in our opinion it is the most logical answer. Cette équipe est constituée des plus grands combattants de l'univers, dont certains ont parfois surpassé Goku ! Goku doesn’t actually have the ability to give up on a battle. Let’s go for a One punch man vs Goku match that will decide by : strength, intelligence and allies, and powers as well as determination. 2. Saitama is a “hero for fun,” which means he doesn’t really have any strong moral compass or reasons for being a hero. On va rester impartiaux. De plus, son incapacité à voler (contrairement à Sangoku) est quelque peu compensée par sa force incommensurable lui permettant de sauter très haut et très loin. Ici pas de doute possible, Saitama est définitivement plus futé que Kakarot. the one to collect them, it’s usually because he’s dead and they need to be used to bring him back to life. Already from the saga of the Saiyans, we learn that Vegeta is able to destroy planets with little effort. Alors inscris-toi sans plus attendre jeune Saiyan ! Saitama has a lot of skills at his disposal, but almost all of them are about super strength and speed. Goku trains constantly, so he’s able to continuously make himself stronger. Aujourd'hui, nous passons au crible les pouvoirs et les capacités de deux personnages titanesques du monde de l'animé : Goku de Dragon Ball et Saitama de One Punch Man. He’s just looking for a good time. Goku’s attitude that he can always get stronger is a pretty difficult one to beat, especially when his opponent is Saitama, who doesn’t actually, Naruto: 10 Jutsu That Are Completely Useless, Is Saitama Stronger Than Goku? In anime, the ” Power of Friendship ” have a very important place, especially in Shonen. The truth is, he’s the only truly powerful character on the show (so far). Just not continuously like someone here before. As we know, Saitama’s strength has no limit. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. saitama vs goku – If you are a huge fan of anime, then you probably know about One Punch Man and Dragon Ball. Over time, Goku has also learned how to use his ki smartly. Goku from Dragon Ball and Saitama from One Punch Man are two of the strongest and most powerful characters in anime. He is officially recognize by Hero association Although saitama is not that popular among people compare to other heroes. D'ailleurs, les Saiyans vivent surtout pour se battre, et Goku suit ce code religieusement ! But who is stronger between them? Si ces deux équipes s'affrontaient, on ne douterait pas une seconde que c'est l'incroyable Dragon Team qui l'emporterait haut la main. However, Goku is absolutely not invincible in his universe at all. He also died twice in Dragon Ball. Goku vs Saitama By Nick Valdez - April 29, 2020 12:54 am EDT One of the tried and true debates of the anime fandom is deciding who would win in a … Fan de Goku ? Saitama’s entire attitude is based on the fact that he wanted to be a hero so he worked really, really hard to do it. Recevez nos articles dans votre boite email. But who is stronger between them? But how would they fare in a battle against each other? Saitama and Goku are the main characters of these anime who has immense power. ptdrrr goku c’est un géni du combat, ultra sérieux et qui prends de bonne decisions… Saitama est juste une personne qui OS tout, 0 stratégies, après en terme de force purs, je pense on peut pas comparer car on connait pas le potentielle maximal de saitama, Mdr il font trop rire les fan de saitama car le mec gagne dans son animé car il a étais créé pour gagner dans ( son animé ) mais si il va dans l’univers de dragon ball il se fait exploser, N'hésite surtout pas à commenter jeune saiyan, ton avis nous intéresse ! Related: Dragon Ball: 10 Pieces Of Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 Fan Art That Make Us Wish He Transformed. On the other hand, this gives Goku an immediate edge at his skills. Only a pure and lovely heart left who knows only love nothing else. But he’s also able to access different levels of power through going Super Saiyan; he doesn’t always have to operate at full power. Both are very popular anime with exciting characters and story. Avec la sortie de Dragon Ball Super et du nouveau film Dragon Ball Super : Broly le pouvoir de Goku a encore augmenté, à tel point qu'il est difficile d'imaginer que quelqu'un pourrait le vaincre. When other people are starting to get tired and to slow down, Goku can suddenly ramp up again by going to that next level of Super Saiyan. Il possède des techniques nommées « Pluie de Coups Ordinaires » et « Frappe bien Vénère »  qui restent dévastateurs malgré des noms pas franchement intimidants. Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Saitama. GOKU VS SAITAMA : C'EST GOKU QUI GAGNE ! She holds an MFA from San Diego State University and a Bachelor's of Arts from Illinois State University. Saitama’s great at making these kinds of situations work for him in battle. And it would be hard for Goku to power up enough to take Saitama out if Saitama’s able to beat him in one blow. He is also constantly challenged by all of his major opponents although he ends up most of the time overcoming it with effort and determination. Comme l'indique le titre de l'anime, Saitama peut neutraliser n'importe quel adversaire d'un simple Coup de Poing.

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