color: #3f3f3f; Liftmaster 886LMW Motion-Detecting Control Panel . a yellow Learn button and two yellow antennas. The lights will come on for the set period of time, then shut off. $1.50, Regular Price: background: url( repeat bottom; vacation). • NEVER permit children to operate or play with door control push buttons or remote control, • Activate door ONLY when it can be seen clearly, is properly adjusted, and there are no, • ALWAYS keep garage door in sight until completely closed. Refer to the Feature Settings section. Fax No: 613-931-2888, LiftMaster Motion-Detecting Control Panel Sec+ 2.0 Wi-Fi, Commercial Door & Gate Operator Accessories, Commercial Door & Gate Operator Modifications, Commercial Operator Hand Chain & Mounting Hardware, Vehicle Detection & Safety Acc. height of 5 feet (1.5 m), and away from ALL moving parts of door. opacity: 0.95; Liftmaster 886LMW Motion-Detecting Control Panel . Its intuitive menu-driven panel lets you easily program remote controls, adjust settings, and even get system diagnostics. MyQ - Garage Door Controller User manual 2 of 2 details for FCC ID HBW1D8088-1 made by Chamberlain Group Inc, The. The LOCK feature is designed to prevent activation of the garage door opener from remote controls while still allowing activation from the door control and keyless entry. DO NOT enable TTC if operating a one-piece door. Feature Settings TIMER-TO-CLOSE (TTC) 881LM ONLY Activate: Press and hold the ON button until one of the TTC LEDs light up. Message for info. span{ display: none; } Email to a Friend. Designed with your convenience in mind, it can operate the garage door opener and lights from inside the garage and allows fast and easy accessories programming with the new internal learn button. span.bottom{ padding: 30px 8px 0; | With a simple light button, you can turn the garage door opener lights on and off. A keyless entry should be installed in the event of an accidental lock out when using this feature. $6.08, Regular Price: The motion sensor will automatically turn on the garage door opener lights when motion is detected. This feature is NOT intended to be the primary method of closing the door. $66.14, Regular Price: No more stumbling in a dark garage. The following is a list of features and benefits of the LiftMaster 886LM, Retail 41A7327-3, non branded 41A7327-5 and Retail 935EV/935EVC Premium Motion-Detecting Door Control Panel. This new model allows you to program remote controls and MyQ® enabled accessories and Wi-Fi models quickly and easily directly from the control panel. 886LMW Motion-Detecting Control Panel Premium Series Model 8360W X - Compatible with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 and Wi-Fi® Garage Door Openers. The features are adjustable and may be turned off or on as desired. If the obstruction has not been cleared after the second attempt, the garage door opener will reverse open, stop and WILL NOT close until the obstruction has been cleared. 19192 Hay Road, Unit Q, color: #548912; The TTC can be set to automatically close your garage door after a specified period of time (1, 5, or 10 minute intervals). $7.95, Special Price - Compatible with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 Garage Door Openers. $3.78, Regular Price: Take complete control of your garage with our Smart Control Panel®. Feature overview, Premium motion-detecting control panel • Read online or download PDF • LiftMaster 886LM Motion-Detecting Control Panel User Manual padding: 15px 0 0 0; TTC is to be used ONLY with sectional doors. 8160W, 8160WB, 8165W, 8164W, 8155W. $2.39, Regular Price: • Connect ONLY to 12 VOLT low voltage wires. /*background:; ie hack, something must be changed in a for ie to execute it*/ } This product is out of stock. This feature is useful for added peace of mind when the home is empty (i.e. span.amtooltip{ $110.52, Special Price display: block; span.middle{ /* different middle bg for stretch */ Regular Price: Liftmaster 886LMW Motion-Detecting Control Panel, Garage Door Track Bolts And Serrated Flange Nuts (1/4-20) QTY 10 Each, Hex Head Bolts And Nuts 5/16-18 QTY 10 Each, Round Head Low Shoulder Carriage Bolts And Nuts (3/8 -16) QTY 4 Each, 400-HD National Door Lube 15oz Aerosol (Orange), National 900 Aero Lubri-Spray Lube15oz Aerosol (Silver), Garage Door Entrematic Amarr Super Lube (ReliaBilt), Garage Door Pro 21 Spray Grease Lubricant - 9 OZ (Case), Garage Door Pro SL Spray Grease Lubricant - 9 OZ (Case), 400-HD National Door Lube 15oz Aerosol (CASE12 CANS) (Orange), National 200 Door Citrus Degreaser - 19oz Aerosol (Lime), National Lube Sampler 100/200/400/900/600/1000 Large Cans (2 Cans Each) (12 Total), On/Off switch for deactivation of motion-detecting function, Compatible only with LiftMaster® Security+2.0™ garage door openers.

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