There is another edition with catalogue number SLUS-20353. var cpmstar_pid=952; Another small improvement is that the player must now use certain weapons to break barrels and boxes to receive their contents, as opposed to simply “using” them. Deep greens on grassy ground, soft shades of grey in the ruins, somewhat luminescent blues in the catacombs, and strong yellows and browns in the caverns and dungeons. King's Field: The Ancient City provides over 100 different types of enemies to practice your combat techniques on, from ground crawling Beetles, to flying Lava Birds, and stationary Reapers to the lightening fast Fire Lord. The soundtrack compliments the game well, with its subtle creepiness. GameVortex's review of King's Field: The Ancient City. American: as King’s Field: The Ancient City Original release SLUS-20318 on March 25, 2002, published by Agetec (who list the release as being on the 26th). It seems much love and care was taken with every inch of the game world. King's Field: The Ancient City Version Differences Guide v1.00, King's Field: The Ancient City Weapon FAQ v1.20. That isn’t the biggest issue though, and this kills the experience for many gamers: Prince Devian takes the best part of ten seconds to do a 360 degree turn. It’s a shame then that there are two big negatives: it’s shorter than the other three, with it maybe lasting around 20 hours on the in-game timer. Controls in King's Field are alittle awkward and slow, easy to learn but hard to master. NPC models are improved, though they still have no eyes! document.writeln(""); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You will be blind-sided often, by shambling zombies, over-sized termites, and quasi-velociraptor demons. Also walking and strafing around corners make it easier to view whats around them, making you have the edge on an ambush, trap, etc. Eternal Ring preceded King’s Field 4 with somewhat lesser visuals, but it is assumed that it uses the same engine though definitely with improvements, including a persistent world and no loading times. The equipment section has finally received a much-needed overhaul though, and a visual representation of what Price Devian is currently wearing is displayed as you flip through the usual round of weapon / magic / head armour / chest armour / etc. Those that do stick with the game will find it to be a compellingly dark experience, matching – and perhaps in some ways – surpassing any of the previous King’s Field games. Here, again, is the crux of the combat in the King’s Field series, and it’s pleasing to see that From Software continued this in King’s Field 4. Enemies are now far more fleshed out, and more varied in their design. It allows for more space on the display for the player to take in the lush gameworld, but it can be a little difficult seeing even roughly how much MP one has left. And it will never cease to be annoying. Devian will gain experience as he defeats enemies, gradually making him stronger and more resilient against the horrors that lie within the labyrinthine dungeons of the Ancient City. But after one goes through the – practically required – opening ritual of instant death when first playing King’s Field 4, it becomes immediately apparent that From Software were firing on all cylinders with this game. Unlike many supposedly realistic PlayStation 2 games that have since become unbearable to look at in the wake of newer consoles, the textures in King’s Field 4 are appropriate and colourful, and certainly more artistic than realistic which works very much in the game’s favour. You will spend most of the game, as before, exploring and picking up items. Character and enemy animation still seems a touch slow and stodgy, but certainly superior to the previous games. document.writeln(""). If you get stuck I can try and help you if you'd like, though it's been awhile since I've played the game. These can be considered spiritual successors to King's Field as they feature similar elements including non-linear dungeon exploration and survival against powerful enemies. A trickle of water in the first real cave area functions as a limited healing fountain you can use … Composed by Tsukasa Saitou, the music is a unique concoction of orchestral instrumentation mixed with synths and other keys, playing in twisted modes and triplets, and benefits greatly from the PlayStation 2’s abilities. Fuck, I love the King's Field games but the only one I ever owned was The Ancient City. Links: Official From Software game listing (Japanese) Agetec’s Official English King’s Field IV Site Agetec Site Product Listing David Bunch’s fan-site (English, lots of spoilers) KnighTeen87’s fan-site (English).

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