Flavors range from almonds to stone fruit & nectar. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tie or Ti means Iron, while Guanyin or Kuan Yin means Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy. The experimental group received L-theanine, while the placebo group received a placebo. Oolong tea, such as Tieguanyin, contains high levels of flavonoids, which have antioxidation properties and also minor estrogenic effects. It is a medium oxidized Tieguanyin showing green and brown coloration on the leaves. This is the style we find offers a well-rounded cup, plenty of flavor with a smooth lingering finish. The content of organic chemical components in Tieguanyin, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, and various amino acids, is significantly higher than that in other teas. Tieguanyin is China’s most famous oolong tea that named after Chinese goddess of mercy. Why? The earthy flavor was over powering and hid any typical oolong notes. The ratio of tea leaves to water: 1:20-30. Wei Yin believed that Guanyin gave him the tea tree shoot as a gift, and since the tea leaves had an iron color, Wei Yin named this tea Tieguanyin. When he got up the next day, he went to the forest and followed the path he took in his dream. Therefore, it’s also known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy tea. This leads to a reduction of fat in your body. Lot Notes... Legend tells us that as the young maidens plucked the first, new leaves of spring, they placed the most precious in their blouses to be preserved for the enjoyment of the Emperor and his court. Through modern scientific identification, there are more than 450 kinds of organic chemical components and 40 kinds of inorganic mineral elements in tea. The shape of Tieguanyin is fat and crapy; the color of dried tea leaves is emerald interlaced with dark green; the fragrance is fresh and strong; after brewing, the color of the tea soup is clear, bright and orange-yellow; the taste is mellow, fresh, and sweet aftertaste. It is welcomed by many tea customers. He was very happy to digged it back and planted it in a small iron pot, and cultivated it carefully. Does Decaf Green Tea Have the Same Benefits as Regular Green Tea? “Tieguanyin” is not only the name of the tea, but also the name of the variety of the tea tree. This catechin helps trigger the thermogenesis process in your body. He took it home and planted it in an iron pot. Tieguanyin tea can replace alcohol disinfection and sterilization, which is a long-standing prescription in the ancient countryside. “Tie” means “Iron” and “Guanyin” means “Goddess of Mercy”. In Chinese and Japanese cultures, people make themselves a cup of oolong tea after meal. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is rich and potent without being overpowering like coffee. One day, Wei Yin had a dream in which he found a beautiful tea tree shoot between two rocks in a forest. Therefore, it’s also known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy tea. The... Red Goddess is made by allowing Tieguanyin leaves to fully oxidize to an aromatic, sweetly floral black tea. Based on the different roasting methods and locations, there are various types of Tieguanyin. Classed as a clear and fragrant Tieguanyin, the leaves were fired... A traditional style Tieguanyin oolong – medium oxidized made with large rolled leaves that will open to offer a tasty and almost spicy flavor. It was different from the tea trees he had seen. Tieguanyin tea has a unique “Guanyin Flavor” (or Guanyin Yun). Taste and steep longer if a stronger flavor is your preference. Brewing time: First brewing is for 10-15 seconds. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. It is also a great tea to drink with friends using the "gung fu" brewing method - plenty of leaf, short & rapid steeps, keep pouring. 10 Uses of Used Tea Bags That You May Not Know About, Too Much Green Tea May Cause Constipation, Losing Weight and Staying Healthy with Oolong Tea, What You Should Know Before You Get Into Tea Drinking. The antioxidants in oolong tea have anti-inflammatory properties. What’s the theanine content of iron Buddha? Then re-infuse and steep for two minutes. Scald or burn can be treated by decocting a proper amount of Tieguanyin tea and extracting the concentrated tea juice. It is said that the goddess led people to discover this kind of tea and helped the sick people pull through disease. If halitosis or excessive smoking causes palpitation and nausea, you can use Tieguanyin tea to wash mouth and drink some to relieve the symptoms. “Tie” means “Iron” and “Guanyin” means “Goddess of Mercy”. Note the wonderful jade color of the leaves. Promoting digestion and reducing the greasy sense. Tie or Ti means Iron, while Guanyin or Kuan Yin means Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy. Regular oolong tea drinkers also experience improved mental performance. Watching carefully, he could see that the tea leaves are oval, tender, and plump. In a 2006 study published in Life Sciences, researchers found that tea can stabilize the production of two enzymes in rats, namely amylase and lipase. Regardless of its name, drinking Tieguanyin tea has many health benefits. Think about all the Tieguanyin tea benefits and make yourself a cup of Tieguanyin tea instead! Regardless of its name, drinking Tieguanyin tea has many health benefits. Tieguanyin tree, an excellent variety, is not very tall, but its leaves are very tender and green. Often referred to as the tea of poets, "Iron Goddess" is our traditional-style Tieguanyin oolong. I go by the aroma. Both EGCG and flavonoids in Tieguanyin tea work together to reduce the fat cells in your body. Tieguanyin tea is a kind of Chinese oolong tea and is one of the top 10 famous Chinese teas. However, it doesn’t contain a large amount of caffeine that could shock your system and make you feel jittery. According to legend, a poor tea farmer named Wei Yin was a devoted Buddhist, and every morning he would put a cup of tea in front of the Guanyin statue in his home as an offering. I love this tea it seem to go we'll with food. Surprisingly tasty!  Tieguanyin, Tie Guan Yin, Ti Kwan Yin. Iron Goddess of Mercy is synonymous with Ti Kwan Yin (which is also the name of the cultivar). Black Oolong - notes of honey, aroma of peach. If the infant’s skin is inflamed, you can use the Tieguanyin tea to wash the affected part. I saw that someone else's review complained this to be overpowering, but as with many oolong teas, over brewing can ruin the flavor. My first brewing is less than a minute, and each following brewing is longer. This tea has a rich color and flavor. Fragrant Tieguanyin tea: it tastes light and slightly sweet. In life, it has some small and wonderful uses. Tieguanyin tea residue can be used to treat beriberi. I wanted this one to be a good standby cost effective oolong. This highly aromatic tea is one of the most popular oolong teas in the world and one of the best representatives of a long and versatile Chinese tea history. In a Japanese research on the relationship between oolong tea and stress, researchers found that mice that consumed oolong tea showed a reduction of stress levels of as much as 18%. Tieguanyin tea, contains high levels of EGCG. I was rather disappointed. According to the degree of fermentation and production technology, Tieguanyin tea can be roughly classified into fragrant, strong fragrant, mellow fragrant, and charcoal-baked Tieguanyin tea. The name Tie Guan Yin is often incorrectly translated as "Goddess of Mercy", yet the name is now generally accepted to describe an oolong varietal offering an intense aroma, some fruitiness and a depth of flavor.Lot Notes It is medium-oxidized, with leaf colors primarily of brown tones with a light mix of green-side leaf.

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