Once you’ve completed the Interior Decorating Course online, you’ll graduate with the International Design and Decorating Professional (IDDP) certificate. Being employed in an area that I am passionate about and waking up excited to ‘go to work’, is an amazing sensation. The Professional Interior Design Course on offer by The Interior Design Academy was the first pivotal step I took to embark on my career in the interior design industry. With flexible payment options and academy guarantees, this course allows you to study with ease and peace of mind. I love having my own business, “Inspirational Interiors”. I really appreciated my tutor’s feedback and that support was important to the whole learning process. An easy-to-follow course guide that tells you when to read lesson texts, watch videos and complete assignments. A world-renowned interior design school offers this class online, and free. Because the course is provided entirely online, you can study from anywhere in the world. Please reach out, we'll be happy to assist you. With the knowledge I have gained, I now know that I can be a success and run my own consulting business. My tutor, Simon Savage, was available at any time needed, providing me with decisive encouragement and advice.. This includes how to assess your client’s needs and prepare designs involving floorplans, wall treatments, furniture placement and more. I love working as an interior stylist, and without the knowledge from this interior design course, it would have never been possible. Completing my studies with The Interior Design Academy has given me such confidence and a great sense of satisfaction. I felt that it was the one for me. I would recommend the Academy time and time again to anyone looking to break into interior design as a solid foundation of all knowledge required! Don’t be put off thinking you need a degree. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the content supplied each week and researching for the assignments, as it allowed me to expand into new areas I hadn’t worked in before. I can truly say he was my lifeline! Privacy Policy -Terms & Conditions - Design industry experts will review your work and provide you with detailed audio feedback, which you can use as you move onto further units in your interior decorating class. I would highly recommend this course, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for years. As a teenager I used to love rearranging my bedroom and sketching different designs… As time moved on the passion remained and I decided to do some research, that is when I found The Professional Interior Design Course with the Interior Design Academy. 7: Rhodec International – Free Online Interior Decorating Course. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a new career path in design and decorating as it was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. Customizable business forms and templates. Stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. You’ll also study various types of wall treatments and textiles, and learn how to use them in order to alter a room’s appearance and character. All Rights Reserved |, About The Professional Interior Design Course. You’ll study color theory and become familiar with various popular design styles, from country to contemporary. Once you’ve completed units A to F, you’ll have the option to complete a specialized business unit designed for interior decorators. Enroll online and start on your path to becoming a certified interior decorator! A lot of interior design thinkers are not compatible with the lecture hall environment of study [but] this course is a great alternative, as long as you are willing to put in the hard yards. Glass, concrete and metal are just a few of the modern home design materials that you’ll explore in this unit of your interior decorating class. Your introductory text walks you through the entire decorating process, from signing the contract to implementing the project. The course overall was realistic and very practical. Online Assignments (including self-studies), International Design and Decorating Professional (IDDP). The Professional Interior Design Course on offer by The Interior Design Academy was the first pivotal step I took to embark on my career in the interior design industry. It was easy to follow and there was no pressure. QC Design School’s online Interior Decorating course … A starter art supplies kit which includes special rulers, floorplan templates, and more. Study lighting functions and fixtures, and learn how to create different moods using cool, warm and neutral lighting within a space. Explore the various elements and principles of design, which will provide the building blocks for your interior decorating jobs. Discover the balance, visual weight, and traffic patterns of a room and learn how to harmoniously place furniture within different spaces. Living in a country town I would not have had the opportunity to study interior design, let alone have a career, were it not for the convenience of the correspondence course. It does not matter what age you are, you can do this course because the help and support are always at hand. My favourite thing about my job is seeing my clients’ faces light up once we have completed the changes. Also, besides the aesthetic value associated with the profession, the industry grows on a daily basis which leads to more job opportunities.

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