Robins build their nests on flat surfaces. When singing the mating song, the male robin usually displays itself and lifts tail higher than its head. Some of us naturally think that the robins that make their nests in the most natural settings will have better success than those that nest on houses. The cross-section of Fig. 2, Shown in Fig. © Powered by ScanSoft Trading Company Ltd. Click to learn more About The Robin Nesting Preferences, Click to learn more About Building a Birdhouse For The Robin, Click to learn more About The Robin Mating Habits, Click to learn more About The Robin Feeding Preferences, Click to learn more About Interesting Robin Facts. We attached the new nesting shelf to our shed in an area of our yard that's protected from direct sunlight, wind and rain. 683. To ensure that the screws are positioned correctly, I started by placing the roof upside down on the workbench. Robins are migratory birds and they are welcomed back to their summer range as one of the first signs of spring, though at least some individuals stay around our yard throughout the winter (we live in Connecticut). I love this design. Fig. The pan may be a trifle larger than this, but you will have to increase the size of the roof board accordingly (A, Fig. The open platform can be used under porches, eaves and other shelters. Then, I drilled the holes through the roof. 19), is best for cutting the center circular opening. Robins, phoebes, mourning doves and blue jays may nest on this platform. Wood is the best material for building a nest box, as long as it is at least 15mm thick. 671) requires a tin pan that measures 8 1/2 inches across the rim. Building a nesting shelf is an easy project that can be finished in an hour or two. Sitemap | Patrick Lynch  5/16/2008)I notice Sparrows going to the Robins nest in a pine tree near my house. 678). Left unfinished, most woods will last for several seasons and weather to a nice silvery-gray color. Both parents help to feed and protect their babies. Material 3/8 inch thick was used in the model shown in the photograph, and the dimensions for the parts required, given in Fig. The roof is attached to the base of the nest box with screws. The bottom of the arc ends about 2-3/4" up from the bottom. Mark out top board A by the pattern of Fig. Their average life span is less than two years, though lucky individuals can live significantly longer. 682, allow for the material of this thickness. American Robins and Eastern Phoebes often build their nests on ledges. Robins, phoebes, mourning doves and … Robin, The robin is the State Bird of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Build this birdhouse 42. Two weeks later, the young are ready to leave the nest. The Robins seem to tolarate this but will run off other birds such as Grackels when they approach. I flipped the roof over and countersunk the topside of the holes before aligning the roof and attaching it to the base with weather-resistant screws. Of course, they will defend their areas to the end even if it may cause them to end their life. — How to Cut the Two Side Pieces at One Time. It has a thin yellow bill and dark eyes that have dark orbital markings around it. This is due to the fact that robins forage a lot on lawns that may contain pesticides. I sketched several curves on to one of the side pieces until I was happy with the shape. I also cut a kerf on the underside of the roof, about 1/2" in from the front edge of the board and 1/8" deep. To hang the birdhouse from a tree branch or garden hook, screw in two eye hooks along the roof peak. A hand bracket-saw (Fig. Assemble the Box. They offer a lot of information that will hopefully help you to build the birdhouse you were hoping for. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Apply a water-based exterior paint or stain. 671 (Chapter 36), Fig. Be sure to include a slope and overhanging roof to protect them from the rain. Since the board is actually 7-1/4 inch wide (rather than 8 inches), you won’t have to cut that dimension. Nail together, temporarily, the two boards out of which side pieces A are to be cut, lay out the outline upon one board, cut out the two pieces at one time (Fig. This is where you’ll drill a 1-1/2-inch hole for the birds to enter their house. Many of his projects are featured in his yard. Dry fit the pieces together before committing to the final assembly with nails and glue, and make any adjustments for a good fit. The top edge of the roof support is cut at the same 10-degree angle as the back edge of the roof section. displayed on web page if you cannot open pdf file from link above. Having a gap at each corner gives places for water to run out when you clean the inside. I mocked up the roofline using a steeper 22-1/2 degree angle, but I thought that the sharp pitch reduced the front opening too much. Mount the platform between 7 to 15 feet above ground.Click to learn more About Building a Birdhouse For The Robin, Robins are very vocal birds and are one of the first to sing in the morning and the last to stop at night. This nest was built on top of our hose reel. Here is an American Robin in the process of building a nest in a nest ledge box located under the house eave, providing some shade and protection from the weather: Here are a couple of nice phoebe or robin nesting shelves that can be mounted under the eave of your house, porch roof, garage overhang, barn or other similar structure: The American Robin is the State Bird of three U.S. States: Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Building a birdhouse is a great beginner project but more details can make it a great project for a more advanced woodworker. Paint the tin pan with two coats of paint, to keep it from rusting. The pieces need to be 9 x 7-1/4 inches. How to Build a Bird House - Hollow … The exact angle of the roof is not critical. Insert the sides between the front and back pieces, making sure to keep the outside edges flush. Once the pieces are cut, make a vertical mark down the center of each. They forage in open meadows and are frequent visitors of manicured lawns and backyards. The robin nest box is now ready for sanding and paint. Bird Houses 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Birdhouses, for North American Birds, Robin is the common name used for several songbirds of which the most popular is the American Robin.

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