But he doesn’t hear from her in 6 months, so he starts to gamble, loses a lot of money and builds up a debt with the local gangster. Kang-ho Song (The Host, Memories of Murders, Thirst) has a big role. Blood (aka Blood: The Ultimate Death) Review, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Review, Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan: Volume 3 Part 2 Review, Updated Review #9: Shutter (2004 Thai original). The director of The Chaser has made another hit with The Yellow Sea about a taxi driver from Yanjo City (a region between North Korea, China, and Russia) whose wife goes to Korea to make some money. For the festival’s opening night this year, they opted for an omnibus simply called Horror Stories. – but the American remake would not put the viewer through such a thing, so the scene was changed. all segments have something valuable to offer. Kang-ho Song (The Host, Memories of Murders, Thirst) has a big role. Hollywood has talked about a remake with Adam Wingard as director, but the project seems to be stalled. I am a fan of horror anthologies so this movie really appealed to me. It is certainly worth a watch – just be ready for an artistic movie, and you’re good to go. SBS World Movies Weekly Highlights: 30 November - 6 December, SBS World Movies Weekly Highlights: 23 - 29 November, Top movies to watch this month: November 2020, Best movies over 2.5 hours to stream at SBS On Demand, now that you have the time, 11 Comedies You Can Stream Right Now If You Just Need A Good Laugh. Horror Coming to Netflix in December 2020, Jeffrey Reddick and Chris Thomas on “Don’t Look Back”, Horror Coming to Netflix in November 2020. We use cookies. This movie features the craziest family with characters that are flawed, selfish and realistic. For the record, these are listed in random order. Kang-ho Song (The Host, Memories of Murders, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance) is once again the lead as the poor priest who after a failed medical experiment becomes a vampire. An alluring Korean schoolgirl (Kim Ji-won) is bound up in a decaying house. Take a look around, I'm sure you will find a new movie to watch as I'm at 800 posts and counting! Created using the directors of many of Korea's recent horror hits, this is a moderate attempt to, hopefully, establish an ongoing horror anthology series. A young man and his girlfriend kidnap a small girl to make quick cash, but it doesn’t end up the way they planned… Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is the first movie in Chan-wook Park’s trilogy, but I think it’s also the weakest of the three. Also, this movie has one of the most memorable funeral scenes I have ever seen along with the most reluctant – and often pretty unlikable – hero you’re likely to come across! Chan-wook Park (Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance) directed the movie. The last movie in the Chan-wook Park trilogy (Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance). Soon, you begin to wonder exactly what this little girl is. That writer/director Jung Bum-sik (Epitaph) manages to include a substantial sideswipe at South Korean industrial relations (rich kids vs. working class Joe) imbues the tale with extra sociological heft. all segments have something valuable to offer. Featuring entries from the directors of Momento Mori (1999), To Sir With Love (2006), Epitaph (2007), The Naked Kitchen (2009) and White (2011), this collection is that rare beast: a portmanteau film that maintains an even level of quality. The Wailing perfectly combines old superstitions and modern detective work – though mostly, it’s about fighting to protect the people you love. An uneducated driver who insists on offering his opinion adds both comedy relief and extra tension.The third episode, 'Secret Recipe’, is the most confusing, but also the most visceral as it playfully explores sibling rivalry and a key South Korean obsession: plastic surgery. A woman living on a small island is exposed daily to mental, psychological and sexual abuse from those closest to her. I liked the stories but none of them had a conclusive ending, they all just stopped at one point. This is The Towering Inferno on crack! In fact, the family members are as amazing as the special effects. Review: Well, it's a new year and that means a new slew of films to review! I am just another dork on the internet who has watched far, far too many movies, and I've decided to share my thoughts on whatever I come across, with emphasis on horror and Asian cinema. Yet somehow equally full of life and death! SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. Unfortunately, Horror Stories offers no masterpieces but it is at least consistent in its pleasures. Oldboy is ultra-violent, intelligent and has a twist ending, and you really don’t want to be spoiled in advance. Unfortunately, Horror Stories offers no masterpieces but it is at least consistent in its pleasures. The movie is a bit of a slow starter, but hang in there, and you’ll get all the blood you want. Also, Korean and Spanish horror movies made within the past 10-15 years are among my absolute favorites. In the back of an ambulance hurtling through a post-apocalyptic zombie zone, a doctor and nurse argue about whether they should – for their own safety – ditch their two possibly zombie-infected passengers: a hysterical woman and her comatose daughter. The Host. Train to Busan is a crazy train ride with zombies. I love all kinds of horror. The Chaser is a Crime/Thriller from 2008 about a former cop turned pimp. They can be slow-burners, but don’t let that fool you; They always deliver! This movie has already been remade under the title The Uninvited (2009), but we always watch the originals that are usually better movies. Charlize Theron has been in talks for the American remake. He’s behind the trilogy Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance – all of which has or will get American remakes (Oldboy was already remade in 2013, which was unnecessary). I enjoyed the concept of someone telling scary stories in order not to be killed themselves. Posted by Nadja "HorrorDiva" Houmoller | Jan 9, 2020 | Read Time 4 min. Operating on dream logic in this instance evokes deeper resonance than the contrived plausibility of the other sequences.But, of course, which is best is a matter of taste and part of the fun of Horror Stories is arguing about which is the best segment, as they all have something valuable to offer. Oh, and the villain is played by the leading man from Oldboy. Memoir of a Murderer is yet another absolutely brilliant movie to come out of South Korea. Horror Stories is an omnibus of four shorts by different Korean directors. Director Kim Jee-Woon (I Saw the Devil) has both written and directed the movie about a family haunted by the tragedies of deaths within the family. So, let’s get to it, shall we? Four horror stories are told by various Korean directors. Join our mailing list to receive the latest horror reviews and news (1-2 mails per month! The second entry, 'Endless Flight’, is about a serial killer (Jin Tae-hyun) who is being flown back to Seoul on a Korean domestic flight reserved for him and his two police captors. I guess I just like to be scared and get jump scares, more than being disgusted and laughing at the grotesque. And the production quality is completely on level with any well-produced US movie. The movie follows the detectives that try to solve the case. They do everything they can to close the case – not concerned whether the imprisoned is guilty or innocent. Then one day an old friend comes back to the island, and fortunately, she’s there with a plan to escape with her. It’s Christmas Eve and a fantastic Christmas party is planned in the brand new luxury building with 108 floors. The crazy slasher stuff isn't really for me, but hey, to each their own. In fact, the family members are as amazing as the special effects. It delivers on everything the trailer promised – and then some!

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