We also looked at Danner High Ground vs Pronghorn. The Vibram mini-lug is still preferable to me to the Vibram combo on the 1000 Mile Evans, too. At the same time, if you ever need to replace the boots soles, this should be very simple. Its oil-tanned leather looks lovelier as it grows old, thanks to its unique sheen. It’s not too bad as far as sizes go, but you should know that they only come in one width. How the Heck Do I Take Care of Chromexcel Leather? Therefore, the Blacksmith boots exude a quiet chic and sophisticated look. Are they pretty much the same leather, just with different colors or does each have a different feel in breaking in the shoe. Red Wing is  based in Minnesota and was founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman. Similar to the Iron Ranger, this is also durable due to the Goodyear welt construction. Red Wing calls it a bump toe; some of my friends have called it bulbous and they’re not necessarily wrong. This American brand started out in the year 1905; within no time, it became an American footwear icon. I opted for the black Featherstone leather simply because my current boot lineup is already dominated by shades of brown. Normally nitrile outsoles do terrible in the snow and ice, but the mini-lugs do help with this as they add enough traction for safe walking. panel meets another, the seams are put together so well. We are taking two Red Wing brands and we are comparing their features side by side. The boot is made from an oil-tanned and copper rough leather that is waterproof has stain proof, and is sweat resistant. Does it stack up? It is the typical construction boot sole with deep lugs for greater traction. Since 1905 when Charles Beckman established the Red Wing Company, they have been making boots with advanced technology and high quality materials. I thought the Beckman's where a dressy boot but comparing them to the Blacksmith's they are dressier but I wouldn't consider them a dress boot. Well, you have to know about the prices! For example, the Red Wing Iron Ranger boots come in full grain leather. It's like they did too much to the leather and overdid it. Levis boots VS Timberland 6 Inch Boot- Which is Better to Buy? The Vibram 430 Mini-Lug outsoles feature shallow lugs in the middle and are slip resistant. Red Wing Beckman makes a better value for the money. A round toe style boot, the Beckman is made from Red Wing’s exclusive Cigar Featherstone dress leather. Red Wing Blacksmith VS Iron Ranger – Which is Better? Which style should you buy? It is made with a special material, which is a mix of rubber and cork. Learn how your comment data is processed. Because of your loyalty to a brand, you may consider buying one of two models within the same brand name. They also have the Goodyear welt construction that every work shoe needs to have, together with a round toe with triple stitched quality. But Redwing isn’t worried — instead they’ve pivoted to focus on the Blacksmith, the newest edition to their pantheon. Lower profiles, breathable materials and lighter colors make it on this list of mens summer boots for 2018. Brooks Ghost 11 Vs 12 – Which is Better to Buy? If that’s also true for you, what I recommend is to brush them down regularly with a horsehair brush and to use neatsfoot oil to condition it. Back in the day, they mostly sold knee-high boots intended for oil workers and iron miners; real Americana stuff. What To Look For When Purchasing a Leather Backpack, The Best Men’s Boot Socks You Can Buy (CHUP vs Smartwool vs Darn Tough), The 10 Best Winter Boots for Men That Actually Look Good. One pro of oil-tanned leather is that they develop a nice patina over time. In the Iron Ranger or Blacksmith boots, the soles are different. We must agree that both the Iron Ranger vs Blacksmith have incredible build and design quality. Now, if you have been around the boot industry for some time, you know that Vibram is the Holy Grail for boot soles. We compare Irish Setter with Red Wing’s popular Heritage line in this in-depth comparison guide. Sign up with your email address to stay up to date on the best new trends, news and exclusive offers. Even scratches serve to enrich the look of the boot. The biggest cons are the lack of width options, and the informal, wide toe that means you can’t dress up these $300 boots.

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