I like the service of fo FOTILE! Width 30in. 29 9/16. In the event of an appliance requiring attention, each appliance is covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Advanced technologies brings brand new cooking experience. 2500+ patents for kitchen appliances*, leading technological innovation in the industry, Revise International standards* for extractor hoods, Düsseldorf, Germany; Osaka, Japan; Ningbo, China; three global centers for technological innovation. 3-in-1 functionality frees up more space in your kitchen To install or correct the installation of an appliance2. Global Home Co. 240-264-1626. Certification: CB,SAA; Product Size (mm)(W×D×H): 895x515x(604-965) Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz; Noise Level (Sones): ≤52; Illumination Power (W*1): 2 Width 36in . Pickup or delivery of major appliances requiring service. For peace of mind. Buy Now. Step1:Open the flue hole The first step in installing a range … – Yuzhou Zou. 29 9/16. We have nationwide service coverage and our customer service center is ready to assist when you have any doubts on our products. I lived in WA state, when I call FOTILE international service, FOTILE gave me the phone number of Sun. Sell well in more than 20 countries around the world. We have full range of genuine parts from Fotile for replacement. Width 36in. Our Service Commitments, Our customer service will feedback to your call within 24 hour*, Our service team are ready to served you within 72 hours or 3 days**. EMS9018. STEP 1. The customer is responsible for any labour charges. 3. FOTILE's WhisPower technology is the heart of the Pixie Air™ range hood. Ergonomics designedeasy to use and clean, Touch Sentitive Micro-pressure screen buttons Double Power System With surging power, heavy fumes are nothing to fear The DC-inverter motor creates an ultra-fast rotation speed of 100,000 rpm for an airflow of 1090m3/h*. 4. Service Center; FOTILE V; FOTILE W; JQG7505. Due to the global pandemic, our shipping speed in certain areas has reached twice the normal level (5-9 working days) or more. Width 36in. To repair an appliance if it fails due to misuse or abuse.7. To unravel the mysteries of culinary, Let’s get to know FOTILE Range Hoods More All Products. Product Details. **subject to the availability of customer and their convenience to accept the service appointment. the perfect fusion of beauty and technology built out of love. JQG7501.G. The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be product service and repair as provided herein. We expert, reliable and best in all kind kitchen appliances, cooker hood, rangehoods, Gas hob, Kitchen hobs, Electric hob, Oven Built-in oven, Microwave oven, Steam oven in Malaysia, Malaysia best built in … Width 30in. 301-309-8661. Please share your experience on social media platform. The consumer shall ensure that it keeps all drains clear, that it replaces all filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and ensures that all electrical wiring meets local codes and conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications. All Rights Reserved by Fotile Marketing Sdn. All warranty claims and service requests must be approved by Euro-Parts and any warranty work on the appliance must be performed by one of our trained and authorized Fotile service technicians. Make sure these conditions were met: Customers must ensure that the following installation conditions were met before installing FOTILE range hood: 1) The Range hood has been picked up or delivered (might have extra fee for delivery), 2) The flue and a 6 inch duct have been reserved (might have extra fee for duct adaptor, opening or expanding holes), 3) The power outlet/3-pin socket is installed (might have extra fee for power outlets), 4) Cabinets and backsplash have been finished. 5-Step Intensive Washing Process kills 99.99%* of germs, *According to the testing data of To correct house plumbing. – Yuzhou Zou, May 19, 2020 I lived in WA state, when I call FOTILE international service, FOTILE gave me the phone number of Sun. Advanced technologies brings brand new cooking experience. Speed-up Straight Extraction System, direct suction and exhaustion (4 crucial points forming a straight line); Scientific design of the fan tilt angle adjusted to 30°, so that 4 crucial points (the cooktop, air inlet, volute and air outlet) form a straight line, for direction suction and exhaustion of the fumes. EH17A. I like the service of fo FOTILE! He only needs 2 hours to install. Then, provide the following information (Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail Address, Purchase Date and Serial Number) along with a screenshot of your post and our customer service will send you a receipt for extended warranty. EMG9030. EMS9018. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us by 1-844-315-0315 or on WeChat “fotilecanada”. It’s easy to install, but may different from other brands. Fotile products are designed and built to the highest standards. You can now register your Fotile warranty.. Fotile keeps on developing advanced technology. EMS9016. Working effortlessly even with wet fingers, Memory function for quick use Replaces your original sink for easy installation even in small kitchens Width 36in. Service must be provided by an authorized Fotile company (unless advised otherwise). I like the service of fo FOTILE! Focus International 福斯精品. Contact us by 1-844-315-0315 or on WeChat “fotilecanada” for installation service. A Sink, A Dishwasher, and A Produce & Seafood Cleaner all in one product, From "0" to "1"A Breakthrough Powered by New Technology, For 5 years, FOTILE's R&D Team visited more than 1,000 households in 25 cities on an itinerary of more than 100,000 kilometersDuring this period, the team went through 274 project seminars and more than 150 designs Removes dirt and over 90%* of pesticide residues from produce surfaces, Chinese Invention Patent No. 35 7/16. To install or correct the installation of an appliance 2. JQG7502.G. ZL201310749864.9 Width 36in. © Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()). 3. As a result, the invention of FOTILE's proprietary 3-IN-1 In-sink dishwasher brings with it a new way of kitchen life, The FOTILE 3-IN-1 In-sink dishwasher holds 40 national invention patents and numerous top industry awards, First prize of China Household Electrical Scientific and technological progress by CHEAA, 99.99% sterilization rate gets dishes cleaner than manual washing, 1. In no event will Fotile or its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates be responsible for (i) damages which are caused, in whole or in part, by the consumer’s failure to comply with the foregoing obligations, (ii) incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary or special damages, or (iii) damages in excess of the price paid for the product for which a claim is made. Service & Care. The fans of FOTILE much better than American brands, and easy to clean. To provide instruction on the use of an appliance. Make sure your local technician have read the manual book or watched the installation video on Youtube before installing. Dishes are dry and clean, Fruit and Vegetables Cleanner Comprehensive smart cleaning system for 360° cleaning without blind spots Local technicians are independently owned and operated and are certified by Euro-Parts for any and all warranty service. Width 36in. FOTILE WILL NOT PAY WHEN THE FOLLOWING OCCURS: 1. Damage resulting from fires, acts of God, alteration, accident, improper installation, installation not in accordance with local building codes, or uses not approved by Fotile or the manufacturer of the appliance. Width 30in. Locate Fotile products at your nearest stores. When the appliance is installed, operated, and maintained according to the instructions attached to or provided with the product, Fotile will pay for replacement parts and/or labour to repair defects in materials or workmanship. To replace house fuses, re-set circuit breakers or correct house wiring.4. EMS9018. We are sorry for any inconvenience. This site uses cookies to enhance your web site experience. Up to 99.99% sterilization rate removes both dirt and bacteria in a single step We expect your appliances to provide many years of trouble-free enjoyment. A dishwasher, a sink, and a produce & seafood washing machineall in one product, Perfect for Compact SpaceHome Bar, RV, Serviced Apartments…, Load your dishes without bending See our privacy policy here. China utility Model Patent No. JQG7501. Stir-Fry, Pan-Fry, and Deep-Fry with Ease Designed for the cook who loves to do it all, this range hood is the ultimate weapon against smoke, vapors, and other lingering odors.

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