Planning of plants will be done keeping what family will be needed in the future. A commercial farm is free from the main disadvantages from which a subsistence farm suffers. The term plantation is likely familiar to you. The hydroponics farming system is mainly using water. And this system is called commercial farms because, unlike in subsistence farming, the production is meant for the market. Every household is dependent on dairy. In other countries, industrial farming is used as a means to produce large amounts of industrial produce at a faster rate than normal. The whole family will be helping with farming activities. Crops are planted in half of the segments which draw nutrients from the soil. They do not act as wage earners. Pastoral dairy farmers tend to have better quality milk production and healthier livestock than those who keep their herds indoors and feed them with harvested grains. Share Your PPT File, Industrial Sector and the Development of Agricultural Sector. Most today employ local local workers, although they used to be notorious for hiring slaves or illegal immigrants to save money. Commercial farming is quite popular in U.S.A. Australia and U.K. Commercial farming is also known as estate farming or corporate farming in case a joint stock company owns the farm. In India, during British rule, lots of forests on the hill slopes are cleared to create coffee and tea plantation estate. Further as the earnings of a state farms go to fill the coffee of the Government, a part of a earned money can be used for the welfare of the workers working on the farm. The hired labourers operate the farms. One is not wrong when one point out that whereas the commercial motive (to get maximum profit) is the guiding force for a commercial farm, the technical motive (to get the maximum physical output) is the guiding force for a subsistence farms. There are no financial problems for a state farm. Most of the small-scale farmers still follow this. Mainly commercial produce is grown in order to improve the income. Here, as against the private ownership of a farm by a … Some of the plantations are coffee, tea, Coconut, palm. In India, various tea and coffee plantations are the fine examples of commercial farming. Intensive farming is when the farmers yield more than normal from their piece of land. The mixed farm will contain cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry along with crops. Crop rotation requires a lot of knowledge on what plants to be selected and when to be selected. When both the growing of crops and raising of livestock gave them extra benefits, it became normal. Single and multi-crop farming are types of specialized farming. Market surplus of food grain and raw materials required by the industrial sector are produced on such farms. This decision led to the emergence of what are now collective farms. Say No to Chemicals and plastics. The following types of farming are just a few examples of how versatile this business has become. Terrace farming consists of different steps that are done on the slopes of hills. A well knowledgeable farmer will have no problem is the following. Almost the whole of the product (except that which is necessary for seeds etc.) Specialized farming that focuses on raising sheep, cattle or other animals, however, does not utilize public lands for grazing. While this may include food crops, it tends to focus on non-food items such as jute, hemp, industrial corn, or cotton. decision making power with regard to production is concerned it is generally in the hands of employed managers. Commercial farming is not free from certain drawbacks. Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Usually, the focus on growing food is to feed the entire family. It is known as cooperative farming. They represent a political system and are confined to the regimented economics of Eastern Europe and China. The farmer uses high yielding seeds to produce crops in large quantities. Cooperative Farming. As the plantation focuses on one crop, large amounts of pesticides are often needed to prevent infestations. Necessary improvements in the land can be made; improved agricultural practices can be adopted, productive as sets for efficient production can be procured; well can be dugs up, tube wells can be installed and necessary buildings and roads on the farm can be built commercial economies of various types can be reaped. Once the yield is declined, the land is deserted and moved to a new patch of land. Commercial Farming: Commercial farming represents, as against the peasant farming. Below are the types of farming … The entire family works this plot, which rarely has power or irrigation. In terms of the elements which distinct traditional system from other farming we can say that the farm, that is cultivated is generally owned by the farmer himself. TOS4. Fencing, drainage and leveling of land can be taken up. Chances are, if you have a garden, you’re using subsistence farming. Share Your PDF File What is Mulch and why do you need Mulching? Terrace Farming. So far as the control over population or operating of the farm is concerned, in both cases, the hired managers have the decision making power with regard to production and the hired workers work on the farm. The board also makes arrangement for providing various social services like education, health care and entertainments to its member.

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