brownie recipe, and voila, you've just posted one! The best part is it is a veg recipe. If yes, do Ido I need to add more sugar or something? shiraz: You will have to turn the brownies upside down and cool it on a rack before cutting them into pieces. It is such a pleasure to see a new recipe mail from DivineTaste when I log in to my mailbox. My friend in college would make it this way. However I have a doubt, am I supposed to mix and the water and chocolate while heating? Once chilled, remove it from the pan and cut into desire size. Just a small concern that it sank a bit though the cake was completely cooked and the taste was perfect. A batch of these in the oven for iftiyaar today evening! You helped me nail id, with very minor tweaks I guess it turned out scandalous! Put in the condensed milk and the vanilla extract and beat again for 3 to 4 minutes. It did sink just a little bit in the middle (not as much as described by others) and had to bake 5 minutes longer – the end result was prefect!! I have asked my sister to buy a copy and keep for me..I've been looking forward to it ever since you said you are creating a spread for a magazine . Stir in the melted chocolate and mix well. If I’m using the microwave, at what time and temperature should I set it on? Good to know you too. I thought of giving it one last try but this time with your recipe. I dnt quite like the taste of dark choc..Will the taste of Brownies b affected? My brother says it is the world's best brownie. * You may add 1 tsp of baking powder for a more cakey texture And how long should it be whisked? Is it a good way to shriek my thank you out? You can just mix with a simple spoon or spatula. Leela- Thank you for the feedback, my dear! It's a great one. I agree with Sapna…that 40 mins is a tad too long. Also, it would be good if you could post pictures of the consistency of the chocolate sauce and the final batter so that it is easier for us to get the batter right. All the best. the brownie came out very well. I am more regular there: would love to connect there too! Not sure where I went wrong. that is one problem i noticed. I am hoping to try your brownie recipe soon. I add more chocolate chunks on top and the smell was heavenly. Can you share a pic with me maybe in fb? I just have a question before I try it. :*. Line your pan with plastic wrap or with aluminum foil or with parchment paper to remove brownies easily. I kind of gauged it but still in doubt if my consistency was right. Of butter? I tried your chocolate brownie yesterday. Thanks. Garima: Will try and post a marble cake for valentine.. Suresh: your brownies sank because you took them out before they were properly cooked. Thank u so much. Please suggest with your recommendation. Jayanthi: Hope your daughter and you enjoyed it! I suggest you don't replace these brownies with cocoa powder and if you do, it would require a little less water and additional sugar. Ther brownies look amazing. ***I have used almonds, but you can use walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts. I tried this one yesterday and substituted the dark chocolate with Carob powder as we don't take chocolate. You need to get a smooth chocolate mixture. Do we use plain or self Do share pictures for me to post! Am sure to try this one.. Want your recommendation for a good oven. Hi Anushruti, just got to know about your site from a Fb page.. Thanks in advance. Good luck! Yours did just that! Also appreciate your replies for each comment posted! I put some small pieces of dark chocolate in the mixture before it went in the oven and it's yummy! I have put back the "Archives" section so you can happily browse through previous posts. One of my favourite parts of DivineTaste is the "previously on DivineTaste" section, it is such a feel good sight:). Congratulations on being featured in the BBC book. Would it change the taste. Great going!!! Just crush them into coarse powder. My favorite kind of upma is the pure white and light and airy ones, with not so many vegetables, but the tiny green dots of peas. Yours is still the top result but just thought I'd mention it. Do I cool foen the tin fr ten minutes before cutting or is there a way to bring out thr cake from the tin n then cut. Stir to incorporate. Thanks for them. That's awesome Shraddha. I made these to take to my friend's daughters ayush homam- didn't want to go empty handed. Just one question. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. Is there any one which can be done in microwave as well. This time I cooled it in the pan for 1 hr , refrigerated it for two hours and then could cut nice squaresread this somewhere). Yes, you can replace the same quantity of butter (in gm) with oil. ( Log Out /  Put in the condensed milk and the vanilla extract and beat again for 3 to 4 minutes. Carrot Cake Recipe | Best Ever Carrot Cake | Moist Carrot Cake. I have made 8 pieces. If you use a lot of raising agents the batter normally spills out like that. Samiksha: Thanks for pointing it out. We are using cooking choclate which is milk is that okay. Can't wait to try this out as soon as I am back, it looks wonderfully delicious. I have never quite made  eggless brownies , fearing they will turn sad..real SAD!! Heat them till butter gets melted. One thing I would recommend is that you use a square pan because we tried in a cake tin but it came up above and began to drop on the sides. I'm not sure what went wrong. Viritha: Good to know that. The aroma makes it so much more harder to fast!!!! In the que. I have baked many other things but eggless brownies seem to be a problem for me. Can we make brownies in the pressure cooker. Hie Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It would help if you could let the consistency of the water+chocolate sauce in the recipe. There is no need for any other alterations. When I posted my Fudgy Brownies (The Ooey Gooey ones), lots of friends wanted an eggless recipe. The vanilla needs to be added after the condensed milk. Your brownies look amazing btw! And the required updates are made! Hi! All writing and photography on is Copyright Anushruti RK © 2008-2020 unless indicated otherwise. Raising flour for this recipe? You have explained it so beautifuly! I added the vanilla extract after the condensed milk before adding the melted chocolate. I have not baked with peanut butter in this recipe, but you can surely use it as a topping after its baked. Eggless No Bake Brownies recipe - As the name says, brownies made without oven. Do not open the oven door too often. Only thing is I use metric for chocolate, sugar and butter for all the rest I use Cup measures. All the best.. , US measuring cups are used (1 cup = 240 ml). Hi, I baked this brownies and the they turned out hubby loved it ..thanks..I made them in microwave convection mode.. Hi Anushruti, Bake for 30 minutes or until middle is just set and sides are slightly crisped. Thanks for the feedback Pooja! It's already mentioned in F as well as Degree Celsius. They requested for more and I'm going to back another one short while . Thanks Anushruti. Whisk together … this is my go to recipe for brownies. Mithai Muffins, the easiest cake recipe ever! chitra: This is not a microwave recipe. Pour the batter into the tin, tap the tin once or twice to make the batter uniform, scatter the nuts all over on the top and bake for 40 minutes. That was my wife's comment!! may be… But since I am not familiar about a cuisine I did not grow up with, I am not exactly sure of the intricacies of upma. Hi Garima In a large bowl put in the butter and the sugar and beat well with a wire whisk or a hand blender or stand mixer until smooth and creamy, about 2 to 3 minutes. Your email address will not be published. One question..can butter b sbstitued by oil.. ria: Yes you can substitute the butter with oil here. One thing i noticed is because of the condensed milk the batter became very thick. Using the correct size tin is also pertinent to prevent a cake from sinking. I am a good baker, but somehow the brownies I baked were always cakey and not fudgy! I set the timer to 30 mins but my bRonnie's got burnt..HELP. I made the brownies and it was amazing!! Congratulations on your BBC feature. Usually I am so bad at eggless cakes and bakes. , as always the brownies were excellent. I needed 20 additional minutes to bake the brownie. Once melted, remove from heat and add vanilla and brown sugar. I don’t, was thinking of expanding to FB…once I do will definitely connect . You would never know, … I have tried the egg version n they came out fab. I somehow felt that this should be the one and went ahead baking my first brownie! Hope you like it! 2. I made this today with great outcome! i had filled only half of the tray and there was sufficient place for the cake to raise. Maybe you overbaked your brownies? Thank you for the precious feedback! Hey, Thank you so much. ( I use this setting for all cakes meant to be backed at 180 dc) Also, if i try to remove the brownie from the tin , a lot of brownie clings to the parchment. Anu, thank u so much for this divine eggless brownie recipe u made my day very special on my twins b, day. I am definitely going to try out your other recipes. Beautiful clicks and lovely texture too. This year there was no fancy cake on Ro’s birthday as I had a strange request from him. Looks Super Delicious!!!!

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