Imagine you're playing against your friend Stromboli, who has what looks like an aggressive red-white beatdown deck. Ultimately I would still prioritise finding sideboard space for cards that keep your good match-ups strong postboard and which give you the edge in close games, but if you still have slots for sideboard cards which can give you free wins against otherwise rough match-ups, then it’s fine to use them so long as you’re making sure the cards in those slots do enough work to actually make a bad match-up winnable. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Modern is a format I’ve really grown to love over the last year or so, and I wish it got more time in the competitive spotlight than it currently does. It has Flash and can give any instant or sorcery in its owner's graveyard Flashback for its mana cost. This deck's black mana gives it a solid plan B: large beaters with Delve. Another vital addition is Snapcaster Mage, which should appear at least as a three-of, if not a full playset. ... “I haven’t played the game for ages, mate,” I replied. The following is a guide to the range of materials... We are the longest running Magic: The Gathering retailer in the UK, trading since 1998. A not insignificant number of games involve combo decks racing blindly towards their haymakers without any meaningful interaction, and plenty of potentially interesting matches end the instant one player lands one of the format’s many ludicrously overpowered hate cards (hi. Twin plays four. You don’t really play removal, so you’re not going to be answering all their threats; you’re going to be trying to kill them before those threats matter. If you take the Ascendancy Combo deck that I played in Copenhagen earlier this year, even in a deck with a huge number of cantrips and a combo engine which actively loots away bad cards, there is only a tiny amount of room to play situational interaction and still have the deck be fast and consistent enough to win games before your opponent kills you one way or another. It will very rarely be wrong to cast Loxodon as soon as you can, and to get as many creatures convoking it out as possible. Oh, and you’re playing a blue deck and in round four your opponent dropped a Choke on turn 3 in both sideboarded games. Black, meanwhile, contributes hand control like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize and Duress, disrupting enemy plans and revealing their hand all at once. When you’re piecing your deck together, you need to decide how you’re planning to beat those draws, and factor that in. Certain decks, specifically Affinity, Blue-Red Twin and Jund, are simply so popular and ingrained into the format that they will almost never represent less than 5% of the metagame. The card is everywhere and defines which creature cards are playable. Pithing Needle or Phyrexian Revoker can disable cards with strong activated abilities, like Karn Liberated or Liliana of the Veil. Choosing when to play out and when to hold Giant Killer is one of the harder parts of the deck, but it’s usually correct to just play it out, since at worst it can tap their most threatening creature. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Mono White Aggro by Hoshi Yuki – Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier 3. But I’ve discovered over time, and to my cost, that you generally just don’t have the room to jam the griefer’s one-of into most decks. Since it costs four mana, it will often keep creatures from attacking on turn three or four, when you really want to be either casting anthems and beating face, or convoking out a Venerated Loxodon. Wrong. In order to predict what’s going to be more or less popular at any given event, I’d recommend keeping a close eye on the stats for recent tournaments online and in paper. That’s why Patrick Chapin can reasonably play a card like, The classic example of this type of card in Modern is, Synergy is so crucial in Modern because you’re required to build your deck to be as efficient as possible in order to win, and that means that synergy generally trumps power level when it comes to deckbuilding considerations. Ultimately, the correct decision would have either been to accept that I’ll take the odd beating from Jund because the numbers against the rest of the field were good enough, or I should have looked for a totally different deck if the numbers didn’t line up right. 1-3 copies might appear in the deck. keeps track of the percentage of decks that certain cards appear in online, as well as the number of any given card that specific decks are playing at that moment. Rakdos Charm can exile an entire graveyard or destroy an artifact, two very relevant modes. If you accept that as a fact of the format and not let it cloud your judgement, over time you’ll find yourself picking up more wins. For competitive Magic players, there have been few blanker gaming calendars in recent memory. I’ve been on a terrible run of results since the release of Battle for Zendikar, and I’ll admit to being ready for a break from the grind. In the course of deckbuilding you decide that you need to dedicate some sideboard slots to Affinity. You might assume that by now all the best decks are known and set in stone, but the rise in recent months of the Grishoalbrand combo deck proves that theory wrong – each of the key pieces of the combo had existed for at least a couple of years before anyone figured out that they worked together. EDH 14 / 12 . As we’ve already discussed, you should presumably play Stony Silence over a slightly weaker spell like Shatterstorm, right? We are a Magic: The Gathering & tabletop gaming community site, a place for everyone to publish their thoughts and feelings. this deck is not working for me and I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong. In Standard, it’s far easier to get away with playing a techy “pet” card because if it doesn’t serve a good purpose, you generally have much longer to make up for that lack of efficiency. This deck has access to card advantage and counterspells from blue, burn from red and removal/hand control from black. I have been racing up the ladder with Hoshi Yuki’s Red Bull-winning Mono White deck, as well as 4-0ing an SCG Qualifier with it.

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