To get an exact fee and to set up your test for legal purposes, you must call us directly. Knowing whether or not you need a legal DNA test will essentially depend on you and the situation you are currently in. Legal DNA testing requires that all parties go to a designated collection facility so that a Chain of Custody can be established. You can still use your kit. That being said if he’s not mine what happens next? We recommend conversing with an attorney in your state to learn more about your options. Can you please tell me the total fees for the test and lab fees? 888-404-4363 (M-F, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time). Our lab is staffed by top-notch PhD geneticists who oversee the process using the most advanced, state of the art technology. I’m so sorry about your son-in-law. Your child could become the beneficiary of the other parent’s life insurance policy. Do I Need an Attorney for Assistance with Paternity Test Issues. You are welcome to call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET and request a copy of your results through our client support. Yes. My husband is needing to get court admissable paternity testing done. I took a dna test at home came out not my kid if I go to court records the test going be the same results as a home DNA test. E-Mail: As a participant in the test, the alleged father has the right to see results, yes. If you’ve already purchased a home kit, no problem! We also provide our free mobile DNA paternity testing to surrounding areas including: Garden City, Richmond Hill, Pooler, Bloomingdale, Rincon, Eden, Hardeeville, Tybee Island, Bluffton, Guyton, Fleming, Ridgeland, Pembroke, Hinesville and Midway. For example, when a couple separates on bad terms, the father may try and claim the child is not his and thus he doesn’t need to pay child support. Paternity testing can be arranged for clients that reside in different states. Thank you. While different states might have different rules and regulations, knowing the basics of court-recognized DNA tests will help you get the right test … $115.00 incl. Yes, you can just do it yourselves if results are for your own peace of mind/information and not for legal reasons. Sometimes, the mother knows the father’s identity and chooses not to disclose it to their child, but sometimes the mother genuinely may not know who the father is. If you have questions about paternity tests or other DNA testing services, please contact our Client Support Center at 888-404-4363, Mon-Fri  from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time. Many times, families need legal court admissible results to prove paternity in court. Why are Home Test Kit Results not Admissable in Court? The difference lies only in the collection method  which is referred to as chain of custody. My mother is deceased so I am unable to ask her. Just give one of our experts a call at 888-404-4363 (M-F, 9 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern). It is my understanding that the American embassy in Manila requires an official DNA test be done in support of a birth abroad in order to issue U.S. citizenship. A court-admissible paternity test can also definitively solve relational strife between the parents and doubts about the true parent of the child. Every year we perform thousands of test through our network of clinics and labs throughout the US. Also, how much will it be for him to get it done ? Social Security told us they did not know how to go about getting the test done….Please help…. DNA Paternity Testing in College Station has never been easier to order. Customer support is available Monday through Friday 8:00 am-7:00 pm CST. Establishing this biological origin is widely recognized by psychologists as highly important for a child’s sense of identity. 713-682-7556. I need a copy of my DNA Test results for case #T584325. NEW YORK RESIDENTS: The collection process in New York State requires a witnessed collection on every test. Will she need to sign something? Please reply soon. Hi, Lisa. Thanks. how much does the court admissible testing cost? DNA Paternity Testing provides these resources as-is. DNA Testing Centers provides accredited, court-admissible DNA Testing in Houston. The AABB guidelines stipulate that a legal paternity test must have a valid chain of custody to be admissible in court or accepted for use in any legal matter. The Dna test box I have says the lab fee is 129 or 120 do I have to go buy another box or can I send in the box I have with the $89 lab fee? We’ll credit you for the kit you bought and send all-new materials to safeguard the chain of custody. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact us 888-404-4363 and we will be happy to assist you. Since you already bought your kit, just give us a call and we’ll make all the arrangements for you to have a collection done where you live. 1 DDC Way Hi, Sharon. Simply call IDENTIGENE to arrange your collection appointment (additional fees  may apply). There is no neutral third party healthcare professional supervising the test to make sure it was performed accurately. I would like to do the at home test. How long does it take to get the results back and are these results 100% court admissible? Hi, Ashley. Our a home test kit can be ordered over the phone and arrives via USPS within 3 business days. You must contact us in advance to schedule an appointment. The mother doesn’t have to be tested too, although it’s a good idea in the rare event her DNA ends up being needed to confirm results. Our number is 800-344-9583 (M-F, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern). The father has no way of knowing for sure if this is true without a paternity test.

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