Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. SeriesEditorInformation stFnt When one considers the multitudinous testing of very small premature infants, sometimes such that replacement blood transfusion is necessary, it seems to the editor of this journal, that a test of fetoplacental function at 30–34 weeks' gestation should be performed in all women, since this may prevent mortality/ morbidity in normally developed mature infants who are likely to require a minimum of care if delivered at the appropriate time. internal Community 51 0 obj application/pdf Unlimited viewing of the article PDF and any associated supplements and figures. endobj ��� -��p�/B+/H��弜B�U������T���nj�,�������V��v_)s/����{�! Gives the ORCID of an author. Font orcid Conformance level of PDF/A standard pdf There were considerable differences between midwives' and obstetricians' views about the important components of routine antenatal care and a substantial proportion of both groups did not consider many of the components listed in the guidelines to be essential in routine care. This applies to ultrasonography for recognition of fetal malformations, including Down syndrome (10–12 week test for nuchal translucency), triple plasma testing for Down syndrome, and a screening test for gestational diabetes. Working off-campus? <>stream identified the following three basic components: (1) Early and continuing risk assessment (2) Health promotion (3) Medical and psychosocial interventions and follow-up Each of these three components is reflected in this guideline. Bag Font 8 0 obj University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI . Components of antenatal care (ANC), involving inves-tigations and interventions by a Midwife, Nurse or Doc-tor on a pregnant woman are important in averting maternal deaths [5, 6]. Fishing internal Specifies the types of editor information: name and ORCID of an editor. Uganda Specifies the types of author information: name and ORCID of an author. uuid:d87551f7-415f-459a-8509-a48d63f00295 URI A reference to the original document from which this one is derived. Gives the name of an editor. Ali Ssetaala external Specifies the types of series editor information: name and ORCID of a series editor. endobj endobj Formerly Lecturer, Midwifery and Women's Health, Faculty of Nursing, University of Newcastle. <, BMC Health Services Research, 2020, doi:10.1186/s12913-020-05739-9, Components of antenatal care received by women in fishing communities on Lake Victoria, Uganda; a cross sectional survey. Acrobat Distiller 10.0.0 (Windows); modified using iText® 5.3.5 ©2000-2012 1T3XT BVBA (SPRINGER SBM; licensed version) Kundai Chinyenze %PDF-1.4 Integer The suggested timing for introducing and reinforcing specific topics is also presented in the appendix. converted to PDF/A-2b sn

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