Both methods are extraction methods. It consists of immersing a plant in a liquid (water, oil, alcohol, etc.) The percolator is basically a steel tube with a tap at the bottom of it. Unique Extraction: 1:2 Cold Percolation Process. Instead we use our proprietary cold extraction, slow percolation method to produce all of our vanillas. When I make a herbal extract I usually use the method known as cold percolation, using alcohol and water with no heat, and this is the most common way to extract the active ingredients. Methods. Further investigations are necessary to evaluate antimycobacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic activity. Instead of cold percolation method, soxhlet extraction, subfraction, semipure compound, or a pure compound isolated from these plants might exhibit better antibacterial activity. Hence menstrum may be either cold or hot depending on drug material. The key target of the process of maceration is to make the substance, on which liquid is applied, softer than before. Cold maceration ensures the pure flavor of natural tobacco is maintained and, while it may take much longer than heated maceration methods, the end result is worth it. Percolation Infusion:- The weighed quantity of drug is kept in contact with known quantity of menstrum for a specified period of time and at the end of the period, the supernatant liquid are collected and poured into receiver. Most frequently used to extract active ingredients in the preparation of tinctures and fluid extracts. Modified Cold Percolation Metho A comparison of the original and the modified cold percolation method is given in (Table 1). The following modifications were studied: (a) Solvent Quantity - In this method total amount of solvent lI sed was 20 mL instead of 33mL used in the normal procedure. Percolation, or Sinolea method. The greatest care is taken to prevent any contamination from outside sources throughout the extraction process: E.g Fresh quassia infusion. Maceration is an extractive technique that is conducted at room temperature. The hexane and methanol extracts were obtained by cold percolation method and the antimicrobial activity was found using paper disc diffusion method. Beginning with specially designed chopping machines that do not produce heat, to our custom stainless steel “cool extractors” that operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week- damaging heat and pressure are never introduced into the process. inside an airtight container, for a variable time based on the plant material and liquid used. The MediHerb 1:2 Cold Percolation method is unlike other herbal extraction processes; no heat or concentration is used, both of which may cause damage to the delicate plant material. 4. Maceration is a method of softening something while percolation is a method of filtering liquids through a porous material. INTRODUCTION ‘per’ means ‘through’ ‘colare’ mean ‘to strain’ Definition The process in which a comminuted drug is extracted of its soluble constituents by the slow passage of … Percolation or Sinolea method is a third olive oil extraction method… When it comes to the best e juice that truly captures the subtlest flavors of genuine tobacco, cold maceration is the route to take. Plants were collected from Palni hills of Southern Western Ghats and the ethnobotanical data were gathered from traditional healers who inhabit the study area. 23 Percolation :Percolation : It is continuous downward displacement of the solvent through the bed of crude drug material to get extract. When the temperature of the product is controlled and maintained under 27°C throughout all phases of the process, the olive oil produced is defined as “cold extracted”. Percolation 1. PERCOLATION Presented by: Hassan MuJtaba 43-E-14 2.

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