In addition to serving on the National Quality Forum’s Technical Expert Panel on Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorder and being appointed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to a four-year term on the RecoveryOhio Advisory Council, Dr. Kang is a prolific media presence. He believes the markets and populations that BrightSpring serves are critical ones in our society and characterized by unmet and increasing demand, and he feels few organizations can match the breadth and depth of BrightSpring’s services, which provide clear value to states, health plans, clients and their families. Before that, he worked at Procter and Gamble as a capital projects manager and a new product delivery leader. Mr. Barker ensures BrightView’s financial health so we can continue to provide comprehensive care to those in need. Bob Sheehy, who also is a former top executive at UnitedHealth Group, will continue as CEO at Bright Health. © 2020 BrightInsight, Inc. BrightInsight and the BrightInsight logo are trademarks of BrightInsight, Inc. Other trademarks are the trademarks of their owners. Before joining BrightInsight, Bob held key positions at Genentech, Affymetrix, and other leading companies. Their health plans, which include individual, family and Medicare Advantage plans, are available in 22 markets across 12 states. "Cathy has distinguished herself as a financial leader capable of delivering results with a relentless focus on the consumer and she will play a crucial role in this next stage of our growth. Kraus said revenues are projected to end the year at between $140 and $150 million, representing a 300 percent jump. Leadership is something that we all have opportunity to practice every day, as we help those we support live their best lives. MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Bright Health announced that Cathy R. Smith is joining the diversified consumer-focused healthcare company as its new chief financial officer. Leadership is something that we all have opportunity to practice every day, as we help those we support live their best lives. But a newly released state regulatory filing shows that the company grew to about 12,000 members in Colorado in its first year. |, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for BrightView Patients and Partners, Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs, Counseling and Therapy for Addiction Recovery. Amir led Teva’s development activities, including a first-of-its-kind asthma monitoring app connecting to the FDA-approved ProAir Digihaler digital inhaler. We have the experience and the expertise to treat addiction the right way. At Bright Health, we believe quality healthcare should be accessible, easy and affordable. Bright CEO Bob Sheehy, the former CEO of health system giant UnitedHealthcare, chalks up its losses to typical start-up costs, like engineering and marketing, which he claims will come down as the company scales to "multiple markets and products.". Its counterparts Oscar Health (individual market), Clover Health (Medicare Advantage), and Devoted Health (Medicare Advantage) have collectively raised more than $1.6 billion in capital. Bright CEO Bob Sheehy, the former CEO of health system giant UnitedHealthcare, chalks up its losses to typical start-up costs, like engineering and marketing, which he … Mia brings over 15 years of experience in Finance and Assurance Advisory Service positions at multiple startups and public entities in the tech industry. Her background includes a broad range of pharmaceutical sales, marketing, advertising and digital media initiatives for organizations including GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Roche and Ultragenyx. Got a confidential news tip? 4 0 obj Dr. Kang is a psychologist and the Chief Clinical Officer for BrightView Health. He is the immediate-past president of the Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine and the current Chair Legislative Advocacy for ASAM. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. 805 N. Whittington Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky 40222 All Rights Reserved. His editorial pieces on addiction treatment services, policy, and science have been featured by the Huffington Post UK, London School of Ecomonics, The Hill, and local news outlets across the Midwest. �$��Jba;�O�r�筠Ez ��p��J�(�Ïf{��9ֲ�\I7��4�e��{l��F�6 #�����u��u��Gq�5p ��`azH��yA�"# � 9�4`���y�w<0���9�/��n���Θi��U�ˢm�F�r{(�@U Mr. Rousseau joined BrightSpring with a distinguished career as a senior health care executive. He has worked with major medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in establishing and re-engineering Quality Management Systems to establish FDA and ISO-compliant, best practices. Shelly Sun CEO and Founder. With over seventeen years of experience managing and developing business opportunities within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, Derek is responsible for ensuring that BrightInsight engagements meet our customer's performance and quality expectations. After spending over five years leading all behavioral health services for Mercy Health, the largest health system in Cincinnati, Dr. Kang joined BrightView for the opportunity to develop, implement, and research best-practices in addiction treatment and to add to the growing national conversation about what constitutes quality service delivery and positive outcomes in addiction medicine. [�ūݾ�&-�2�c���U0�#��*Κ����������������S��/w������V������i��G9>�n'����~�u Ҽ&����d�r���������S��r�A)X\�/��M��)tV ���T�+Z��} -��F�ͳ�^���^��v=h#g3]�{}Ǟ�7����_}p�+� ��8:��~�o�����7:�sA�ƹ� A�Y��>��&�K_z�q��:{����t�Y��/}�Ҟ�>''P�N~���;��>����y��h&],9�?�sm�v�]�u�� He is also an attorney and certified HIPAA security professional who has focused his career on healthcare operations, technology and compliance. For over 12 years, Dr. Ryan has practiced in the Greater Cincinnati area, and for part of that period, he functioned as a hospital administrator (Department Chairman of Quality and Patient Safety). We focus on a true relationship. In a career spanning twenty-five years, Cliff has successfully developed multiple, regulated digital health solutions, drawing on his extensive background in strategy, consulting and product development, which includes founding the AI practice for Accenture’s Boston office. Swati leads Business Operations for BrightInsight, drawing on fifteen years of experience in Operational Execution and Excellence, Process Engineering, PMO and Program Management at Fortune 500 companies. Stay connected to what we're doing across the country with press releases, news articles, and interviews. New York, NY Bright Health Care – Bright Health Care. Before joining BrightInsight, Mark held global regulatory and quality leadership positions with digital health and medical device companies including Qualcomm Life, St. Jude Medical, Philips Healthcare and CareFusion. Bright Health sells coverage for individuals plus seniors who buy Medicare Advantage plans. Investor Steve Kraus of Bessemer Venture Partners, who sits on the company's board, says the performance also stands out among plans from big traditional health insurers. Dr. Kang is a psychologist and the Chief Clinical Officer for BrightView Health. One of the original members of BrightInsight's Leadership Team, Jamie has over a decade of experience in B2B software marketing, having worked with the world's top providers, payers, biopharma and medtech companies on launching and marketing their next-generation digital health solutions. x�\[oG�~篘� X��_�'�l�gsⅅ݇�}�(ZbL� Before that he was a computational neuroscientist, cofounded and consulted on machine learning for biotechnology, and taught neuroscience as an adjunct professor. Drawing on fifteen years of experience in pharma and medtech, David leads Commercial efforts for BrightInsight. The company sells its plan on the individual market in Colorado, including via the state exchange created through the Affordable Care Act. Bringing over 30 years of experience driving consumer-oriented growth, Smith will oversee Bright Health's financial reporting as well as the legal, human resources and accounting departments. This helps ensure consistency at each center so that every patient has the same great experience and quality outcome regardless of which BrightView center they visit. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Dr. Kang lives in Kentucky with his wife and four young children. Amir has also held numerous managerial and engineering roles at Oracle, IBM Research and ProSight. In addition, Brian Government Relations, Senior Vice President, Technology Services, President, stream Bright is just one of a handful of venture-backed health insurance plans that have emerged in the past decade. �>F�e��Y�GM���,�|5@��g-�J=�����s�Gw��]�D�n7�ֿ�?������b_��wE)0�7������C����/TM��y����Hdڧ��sO&�Փ���Nq6�L�.E[dq�d����5��\�J��U���#:5�|�{t��⼮�Ym�_k Վ!a�T�Z �y��q�C�!����g0Ig}˗�>�+B����{���J��/�8:w&��eZ���ϧ�����i Fβ>Vx�E~ ��� ��%M���Lyo����&r�g&��4uG�pa�G0��5z�38�qZ�y03|�y���f"��Ȭ���Çh���@�]�S�s���dW�Ak ��D�s ��F�I|́���e�~ຄ1����M��OxG{~�Y��XWJ����9L�@"��Y�,@�V� � �*üI=p›���e;2�tR��1 �M�8���!�@�h����[�W�x��wb't. Bright Health in the news. We are much bigger than that. He began his career as a clinician, serving patients in both hospital and independent outpatient settings. He brings to his role a demonstrated track record of success from multiple leading Fortune 500 health care companies, as well as a background in private equity and investment banking.

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