The average project manager has at least a bachelor's degree, but master's degrees are not uncommon in the field and may be needed for more advanced positions. Courses, Jobs, Salaries. If you enroll in four-year taxation degree, you'll develop comprehensive knowledge on tax law, tax accounting, and tax procedure. The options shown below are some the most common and popular business school degrees and specializations. If you are interested in working in the public sector but don't want to earn a public administration degree, then a degree in business administration may be a good option for you. You can focus in digital marketing, public relations, social media, lead generation, brand management, or promotions. They may begin their careers at one type of organization and eventually work in a completely different one. Spotlight Career: General and Operations Managers. Spotlight Career: Advertisting and Promotions Managers. After graduation, you may work as an industrial production manager, storage and distribution manager, or transportation manager. Administration can encompass everything from finance and economics to marketing and operations management. Managerial accounting is geared towards directing, planning and managing financial systems. Also, you will learn more specific areas of accounting, which include cost accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, and auditing. If you opt for a bachelor's degree in marketing research, you'll learn how to create and conduct surveys, research buying trends, and evaluate competitors. You may find yourself working within an online existing business or as an entrepreneur for your own e-marketing venture. The study of management involves acquiring knowledge of all aspects of a company, from the initial concept for the company to its establishment and beyond. Business process improvement, logistics management, and management decision models are some of the typical courses in operation management and supervision degree programs. Should I Earn a Project Management Degree? A degree in human resources is almost a necessity to work in the human resources field. The most common courses taught in this type of degree are auditing, federal income tax, and quantitative methods and analysis. Spotlight Career: Social and Community Service Managers. All Rights Reserved. Core courses such as business taxation, federal income taxation, and financial statement analysis are usually taken in this type of degree program. branches of the State, Federal, or local government or not-for-profit organizations. With a four-year degree in marketing, students can build their knowledge on market research, consumer behavior, brand communications, and international marketing. Marketing research is an important aspect of marketing that involves studying consumer habits. If you would like more details on our ranking methodology for the best business degrees, check out the bottom of this page. In addition, it can give them the opportunity to explore a variety of specific issues related to doing business in a globalized world. While working toward a degree in business administration, you will gain a general understanding of all areas within that overall subject, such as accounting and marketing. This versatility of a business related bachelor's degree is appealing to many individuals. Online, University of Houston Clear Lake, Accessed October 2018,, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: International Business, Salem University, Accessed October 2018,, A Bachelor's in Marketing, University of Denver, Accessed October 2018,, Bachelor of Science in Operations Management, University of Massachusetts Online, Accessed October 2018,, Operations Management, B.S., The University of Alabama, Accessed October 2018,, Major in Operations Management, University of Illinois, Accessed October 2018,, Undergraduate Degree- Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University, Accessed October 2018,, B.S. Some choose to pursue a designation such as the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to advance their careers. To properly design and implement a successful computerized business system, you need to understand what the specific business needs, and you accomplish this through an analysis of the business and goals.

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