Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to connect with me via Instagram,Twitter Google+ or Facebook to keep up to date with new lessons, concerts and releases. In the example below I have written out two examples of jazz lines over a Turnaround in C major. The 2016 Guitar Center Drum-Off Grand Finals, Hi-Hat Splashes – Spicing Up Your Backbeats, Groove Construction – Part 13: Left-Handed Split Grooves, 1,000 Ways to Practice a Single Page – Part 4: Orchestrated Flams on the Drumset, Playing Melodically – Part 1: “Billie’s Bounce”, Septuplet Permutations – Diving Deep Into an Odd Subdivision, Hone Your Human GPS – Setting Goals, Defining Problems, and Devising Solutions, Bucks County – Semi-Solid Mahogany/Poplar Drumset, Dr. Dog's Eric Slick goes solo, Josh Eppard tours with Coheed and Cambria, and more, Marcus Baylor takes the reins, Bowie memoir, and more. Ont the C7 the G on the 1& is a high note which then gets an accent. :smile-new: Hey Bobby: We've met and played---though it was a long time ago (once at Randy Johnston's gig; once at yours at 55 bar---and now that it comes into focus we maybe played the one tune at Randy's gig.... Hi Skip, I use a Teflon impregnated white grease that is used by model train enthusiasts to grease their tracks. I play a Comins GCS-1 which I like very much, although I have some tuning problems I have to solve. I am also going to give you a way to write licks which you can phrase better and take a few bars from a George Benson solo to demonstrate how he gets it right! Billie's Bounce, Bass Clef chart C. Parker F 7 B 7 F 7 C-7 F 7 5 B 7 B 7 F 7 A-7 D 9 G-7 7 C 7 F 7 D 7 1.Created Date: 7/28/2016 9:32:56 PM ... does he always sing his lines? These 4 bars are an excerpt from his (really fantastic!) With a decent computer and if you keep to effects that don't take up much processing power you should be able to monitor back from Reaper without noticeable latency. Now that you mention it, I haven't done one with this program (Sibelius) with changes in it. solo on Billies Bounce. Billie's Bounce SIDE 1, TRACK 1 by CHARLIE PARKER Dedicated to Billy Shaw) Created Date: 8/2/2016 4:36:13 PM I’ve never registered this capo. I start one thing and suddenly I'm distracted by something else before I ever get good at the 1st thing. Read this article +get instant access TO 45 YEARSof Modern Drummer issues WITH A DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION for just The trick is to find a way to create lines where we have a high note on an off-beat. Copyright © 2020 - Jazz Guitar Online - All rights reserved - Privacy Policy. In this new series I hope to present my thoughts and pass along some experience and insights on playing jazz. I sold my original ES-165 a few years back for something like $1400 or $1500, I think. This is a great example of Bird’s bebop style written over a blues. It does sound a little strange I know, but actually we can work on making lines that are easier to phrase in a right way. To add chords, click on a note that you want a chord over, then hit "ctrl k" and type a chord. Thanks for that. On the F7 D7 there are not notes on the off beat and therefore no accents. develops a vocabulary for use during your own improvisations. Receive updates & special offers from Modern Drummer and our advertising partners. All Rights Reserved. Instrument. Honest Question: What's the Gibson Tal Farlow's Magic? I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco: McCrae/Wolf, Chord Melody 123 v Chord Melody Assembly Line. I guess the difference is that bebop lines need the syncopated lines that have high notes and turning points on off-beats because that makes it come alive and add some small dynamic surprises for the listener. Thanks for sharing your great recording techniques. When going straight into the PC I like the sound of my Big Sky reverb with the cab switch on. Japanese 175 type - is there something off? 73.1 s. Position in Track. Works like a charm and after 20yrs I’m still on my second tube of the stuff. That is the best way for me to improve my lessons and make them fit what you are searching for. I transcribed it and will go over where the accents are. This page contains jazz saxophone and flute solo transcriptions by numerous jazz masters. Here it is first a G augmented triad and the 2nd one is an Fm7(b5) arpeggio. The first part is a sweep of a triad which does not contain any accents, mostly because this technique does not really allow you to add an accent. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Billie´s Bounce - George Benson Solo Transcription by Benson, George arranged by hugogoncalves for Piano (Solo) I have a D'Angelico EX-DC. It is important to listen and analyze solos to get the sound of the phrasing into your ear. The 3 different examples below show how you can add an accent on 1& by making that note a local high note. Adaptive Radius Technology. you mentioned that you transcribed from a saxaphone for guitar so that to get the idea if the saxophone is a B flat instrument and he is doing Billies Bounce in the key of F major the guitar and piano which are in C would play in the key of G major. I often wonder what it would've been like in say 1956, and all I... Nice!

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