There is a possibility for a mastectomy to her other breast, but we will see...miracles do happen. The music, singing and praying was such that the sheer sense of joy was so tangible, one could almost touch it. I am truly blessed for many, many wonderful things God has given me. I knew it was the Lord. Thank you for your prayers for my Mother who is in hospice care at winsdor manor in Illinois. And I see Love as being the most important gift I pray for. We have tot pray, pray, pray, just like Our Mother asked us to do again this same day. Please, invite our children to come. There is no money that could possibly pay back Mary’s TV enhancement of our spiritual lives. What we weren’t told was how long it would take for Gods will to actual manifest itself! tgold me then :"I am here, Michel!...This souvenir is on my work table... We really have to pray so hard for the priests and consecrated religious, as Our Lady asks. Let there be revealed, once more, in the history of the world the infinite saving power of the Redemption, the power of merciful Love! I could go on and on as to the graces and the healing my family and i have experienced and are experiencing as we continue on this path we are on. I am working in PRC and today morning, December 2nd, I prayed with you, you still December 1st. We also must keep praying for conversion, because even God can not interfere in men decisions. Her response to our problems and struggles has always been, "Bring it to Our Lady" or "Go sit in front of the Tabernacle. SLAVKO THANK YOU!". Slawomir Oder, Postulator for his Cause of Sainthood. The Assumption of Mary and the idea of her queenship in Heaven are closely tied together; and Catholics celebrate the Queenship of Mary on the octave (eighth day) of the Assumption. Then I started seeing straight lines around the cross like a monstrance that were coming and going. And I want to thank you for your prayers and all that you do. rejoices in God , my Saviour, for He has looked with favour on the lowliness of We lived about a 7 hour drive from one another. We can now accept donations in stocks and bonds. I had some blessed medals from Medjugorje that I agave the lady, Leslie, one for her and one for her daughter. I love you amen, One of my requests to Our Lady was to pray for a friend in NSW who had to flee her home with her husband because of catastrophic fires. In early June, I asked for prayer for my adult son who was in a financial crisis.. Denis, Cathy, Rosie and all of MaryTV Team, Thank you for your work bringing our Lady's messages, awareness of her presence among us and keeping our focus on her Son! When the priests change for better, the population also changes for better, turns to God. etc. Thanks you Lord Jesus for your blood and sacrifice - MB, A miracle occurred last year when our Pregnancy Help Center in Tempe moved across the street from a Planned Parenthood. I KNOW, AS WELL AS GOSPA KNOWS IT WAS NOT EASY ON ANYONE, CONCERNING BOTH TRIPS. He treated us not as tourists but as pilgrims with whom he shared amazing spiritual insights into the early days of the apparitions and what Our Lady was now asking of us. I went to Medjugorje with my sister and my son last year, and ever since, we have been experiencing tremendous changes in our lives. Now my sister is completely cured, her Drs were amazed at her cure. During those times, I always found something here that helped me to pick myself back up and carry on. The temperature in Medugorje was in the mid-forties and very uncomfortable and so we decided to take Cameron to The Circles so that we could all swim and get some respite from the heat. I simply asked for a good night sleep for all three and they all slept soundly through the night. Back in Feb 2019 I attended a healing service one Sat night and the priest told our group that there was someone there that nearly drowned in a river sometime ago and that this had profoundly affected them. my wife is well and fit and I am working 24 hours a day hopefully this will continue as I work for the vineyards glory. So was this Our Lady's help and answer for me when I asked for her hand? As i mentioned in the other part, pilgrims from Hungary had received a Message from Our Lady, the Official Queen of Hungary (Regnum Marianum), to go to Medjugorje for Ascension Thursday. and everything else will fall into place. Arriving at the hotel I heard a very strong inner call that told me: "Come, come on the hill". Before 18th March our Holy Mother used to say: "this is a time of grace"; now She told Ivan: "this is a time of gratitude". I joined the Capuchin Franciscans in 2002 as a postulant which was also my first year in All Hallows. I want to say to people who ask for prayers that a lot of times we pray, we click on "I prayed for you" but the number of prayers does not increase! Love, pray and witness my presence to all those who are far away. You are blessed among all women as the mother of Jesus. So, PLEASE LET'S PRAY FOR THESE PRAYER REQUESTS EVERYDAY, let people know we are also praying for them, that they can count on us, no matter we do not know each other, let´s be a real Internet Prayer Group, thanks! After we prayed for our son Thomas to come home to Jesus and us. A Mass of thanksgiving will be said. I was alone on Christmas. How can a metal ooze out oil? (That's another Miraculous story!) Praying the Rosary and listening to Fruits of Medjugorje strengthens faith and brings peace to me and people all over the world! Medjugorje was my conversion at a very young age and brought me in to a deeper faith from I started going in 1987 and back then it was not like it is today. A few months ago, whenever I prayed, the person came to my mind. I am continually amazed at how God is so concerned with each one of us and hears each of our prayers. Fr. Free me from this prison of "MINE!" Thank you God! On Oct 19, 2017 was the surgery. I was in Medjugorje for the first time in August 2018 and my visit coincided with the youth festival. Thank you Mary TV. 6 months ago I received gifts from Medjugorje a rosary bead and a large Miraculous medal. I have witnessed many. and when i came out of the church, i noticed the crowd was unusually a-buzz.

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