Adding Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS) (12-0-0-26S) to UAN solutions is the … AT A GLANCE: Benefits of Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS) Helps crops absorb nutrients … ATS: Ammonium Thiosulfate. Photographer's Formulary Ammonium Thiosulfate is a colorless solution (in its liquid state), free of sediments, lightly alkaline, with a distinctive ammonia-like smell. Western Cornbelt: The ammonium thiosulfate … Eastern Cornbelt: Ammonium thiosulfate pricing was steady at $215-$230/st FOB in the Eastern Cornbelt, with the low confirmed in the Cincinnati market at mid-month. Ammonium thiosulfate finds application for leaching of gold and silver since it forms strong complexes. Ammonium thiosulfate … In the photo world, it is mainly used in … Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS 12-0-0-26S) ATS is a standard product of the U.S. fluid fertilizer industry. Ammonium thiosulfate makes essential nutrients available to sulfur-deficient crops, in the form of a liquid fertilizer. … Ammonium thiosulfate CAS 7783-18-8 Details: Product name: Ammonium thiosulfate CAS Number: 7783-18-8 Molecular formula: H8N2O3S2 Molecular weight: 148.21 EINECS number: 231-982-0. It is widely utilized as a photographic fixing agent, which acts quicklier than sodium thiosulfate fixers.

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