This is the one. Was s little afraid of it sleeping hot, but that's not the case at all. It has been over a year and we still are receiving the best sleep ever. Thank you Amerisleep for a great product! Love how it cradles my body. In the hybrid option, this is a zoned coil system, which offers additional support. While heavy, the Amerisleep mattress was manageable up the stairs and very easy to open. Next for a daughter, who goes to bed early most nights, then hubby and I purchased one for ourselves. In the middle was a mountain. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. Truly the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on, I don't know how I lived without. Amerisleep is a company that customers enjoy dealing with. Maybe everyone decided to rate online the same couple of days but it sure seems odd.I bought the Amerisleep Liberty in January (king size). It's the perfect combination of firmness and soft that I couldn't even ask for more of either. We recommend going through the reviews of both these mattress brands before making a decision. Currently have a Queen, though am definitely moving up to the King size soon enough. This is the million-dollar question, and the answer is that it depends on you and how you sleep. After all, different rooms will fit a king bed vs. a queen bed better, so really consider your needs and space. Here's the best part - SERVICE. I ordered 2 mattresses from Amerisleep on May 30 with an estimated delivery window of 1-2 weeks. Lastly, we'll go through their softest AS5 mattress: The AS5 offers an extra pressure-relieving layer with Active Flex, responsive foam technology. Overall, the bed is fine. Most find that Amerisleep mattresses are comfortable depending on the type of mattress purchased. We suggest you have a look on the site before deciding to make a purchase so that you can see whether there’s a special price on this mattress. There’s adequate edge support, and you won’t find yourself falling off the bed or waking up in an uncomfortable position with this product. We have only had our bed for a few days but we LOVE it. I have had this Amerisleep 12" Liberty mattress for about 6 months now and I couldn't be happier! This is hands down the best bed I've ever owned. Other beds advertised comfort but this bed IS comfortable. We are so happy with our Liberty mattress that we will be buying another within a few months for a vacation home. I also like the "velour" finish of the boxspring. I have owned the king size version of this mattress for about 2 years now. I would advise investing in a good mattress cover and an adjustable base if you can. I sleep so soundly and wake up with no pain. I Bought the AS5 as my primary bed. Time went by, and no refund. Layer 3: 2'' of HIVE® technology that offers zoned support for added pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, while cradling the spine properly. Both brands offer a unique product that has both pros and cons. That’s why we’re doing this Amerisleep AS3 review, so that you can decide whether this product is the mattress that will give you sweet dreams every single night. Love how it feels. I got strung along and lied to for a full month. Customer support was excellent. As mentioned in a previous post, all the reviews here are likely fake. It conforms to and supports the body very well without pressure points. I use this as my primary bed in my master bedroom for my husband and I. We really loved the Savant bed but we were super excited to $2000 for a mattress. The beds in the store were COMPLETELY different than ours. It is comfortable and I get the best sleep that I have had in years on it. They can be a bit on the pricey side, but that’s because each layer in these mattresses is made from top-quality materials with specially developed technologies. We had the Tempurpedic bed that didn't more aches and total comfort. With that said, I didn't find the AS5 to be as soft as advertised and it does sleep hot. Best investment made. Very happy with this bed, would buy it again. We had highly considered a Tempurpedic but the cost was so high we decided to look at other options. Turns out to have been the best thing we could have done. Back at home, we tried many mattresses at several different stores but couldn't settle on a choice. It is all natural materials. Overall, I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to upgrade to a memory foam bed :). The Amerisleep AS3 is more affordable than the more high-end Tempur-Pedic products. Very comfortable mattress! I wanted to purchase from a manufacturer that focused on eco-friendly practices and minimizing toxins in their product, and have comfort and quality without paying thousands of dollars. I had read some reviews that mentioned slow service and customers not receiving their orders for several weeks. What a great summer I had! of both these mattress brands before making a decision. If anything there was a slight odor but nothing that was noticeable enough to affect sleep.- Comfort. I am a 60 year old man who is in relatively good shape, 5' 7", 166 pounds. You’ll find that many Amerisleep AS3 reviews talk about the fact that this mattress was designed to keep your body perfectly aligned. 95+% of the time I wake up free of pain. I was experiencing back pain from arthritis and had to do something. I have chronic back pain. My experience with the ordering process (online) with Amerisleep was excellent and delivery was prompt, as scheduled (about a week or so). We were looking to upgrade our bed without breaking the bank and we are both so glad we decided to order the 2014 model through Amerisleep on Amazon rather than pay almost twice as much for a 2015 model on the website.

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