If you did have luggage that you were able to somehow mount, you’d need to remove it to refuel. Ask the same question to a street rider and you get, “It’s a dirtbike”. 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 Review – First Ride, The Clash of Two Super Middleweights: KTM 890 Duke R vs. Disable TC and the 690’s Single delivers torque that can be easily modulated to dial in wheel spin to ones wrist’s content. © 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Dirt Rider may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The beating heart of the 690 Enduro R is KTM’s latest LC4 engine, and as its name suggests, it displaces a total of 690 cc due to its 105 mm bore … It has advantages over smaller dual-sports and larger adventure bikes alike. Within a week of KTM having the bike they fixed the issue and returned the motorcycle to us in working order. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. The 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R fills a niche within a niche. Fitted with WP’s XPLOR fork and shock, the Enduro R gains even more adjustability than before. Yours truly felt that was entirely too long and with the host of upgrades for the 2019 model year, there was no time like the present to jump on the 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R to see what this newly revised travel enduro is capable of. Join the Motorcycle.com Weekly Newsletter to keep up to date on all things motorcycling. An aftermarket seat would be first on the upgrade list for me with the 690. The rear fuel tank/subframe makes mounting a bag on the tail impossible or, at the very least, inconvenient. To off-road riders, the 690 is an adventure bike. The night before I planned to set off, I arrived at my first issue. I had made it the entire way up, miles of sitting on that torture rack of a seat only to have my off-road aspirations dashed before they could begin. To off-road riders, the 690 is an adventure bike. Final Thoughts. This allows riders to really fine tune the suspension to their riding style or the terrain they most often find themselves on. After some deliberation, including a call to KTM and Evans, it was decided that we would need to be rescued. I’ve rarely met a motorcyclist that flounders for a reason to buy “one more bike.”, Helmet: Alpinestars S-M10 $649.95 Goggles: 100% Racecraft $75.00 Jacket: Alpinestars Venture R $219.95 Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10 $599.95 Jersey: Alpinestars Racer Tech Jersey $45 Pants: Alpinestars Venture R Pants $150 Armor: Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket $240. Photo by Kiyoji Whitener. Major service intervals come around every 6,200 miles. If you do like to have that safety net, ride mode 2 will allow the rear to step out, just not as much as I would have liked. An accessory dongle can also be purchased to enable off-road ABS which disconnects the system from the rear wheel and uses a slightly less intrusive algorithm for the front. I knew the 690 Enduro R would be more fun off-road than on, but I was willing to pound out the 170 miles of pavement for you, the reader, rather than trucking the bike to the trails. The adjustability is there though for riders of all skill levels across varying terrain. After compiling camping gear and other essentials, I realized neither of the two universal luggage options I had were going to work on the Enduro R; there is simply nowhere to strap anything to the tail of the motorcycle. Not a big deal. The engine is incredibly smooth at highway speed for having a big ol’ 105 mm piston bouncing up and down in there. Goodbye Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter? Maybe I’ve been hanging out with John Burns too much lately, but hey, it has ride-by-wire throttle, so what gives?Photo by Sam Bendall/@livemotofoto. Quickshifter be damned, my excitement as we rolled up to the General Store before heading to score a campsite couldn’t be diminished… or so I thought. Unable to disengage the clutch I came to a controlled stop/stall and began to assess the situation. And that’s exactly why those two types of motorcycles are sitting in my garage right now. Compared to an adventure bike, the electronics are crude, it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t provide the long-range touring capability of a bike like the 790, and with the capabilities of the 790 Adventure R, I’m not sure there’s a huge performance gap. The 48 mm fork delivers nearly 10 inches of travel and is adjustable for preload as well as compression and rebound with more than thirty clicks of adjustment available without tools for each. The 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R is just as boisterous off-road as any that came before it -yet now with the upgraded suspension and electronics, it feels more well rounded than ever before. Dirt > asphalt. KTM Motorcycles. I opted to go the minimalist route – not that I had a choice – and packed my Kriega R25 to the max and would simply deal with carrying a backpack. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Upshifts required an enormous amount of pressure regardless of rpm while downshifts were only slightly easier. I had to concede. I generally keep the adjustment in the mid-range since I often encounter rocky terrain and deep sand during the same ride. Photo by Kiyoji Whitener. I couldn’t believe it. Keeping the suspension settings in the middle of the road worked well for me with the ride ranging from loose and embedded rock to sand. The highly adjustable WP fork is held in place by a rigid forged triple clamp. A fair amount of the changes for 2019 add to the Enduro R’s road-going prowess. The smallest option in KTM’s travel lineup of motorcycles. Thrilling until you need to shift. It’s true, the 690 does slide into an interesting space in KTM’s lineup just between the 790 Adventure and 500 EXC-F and with no real direct competitors from any other manufacturer – aside from a certain white one that may even share some componentry – it’s basically in a field of one.

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